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Hits and misses: Warm tortillas, football stars and a happy new year

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike us as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to drogers@theunion.com or bhamilton@theunion.com.

HIT: To a bright new year, new number and everything, 2018. May it be a great one for Nevada County.

MISS: As in, we’ll “miss” Nevada County Librarian Laura Pappani, who is changing roles within the district. Pappani has done an admirable job helping navigate Nevada County’s libraries into the world of the internet and technology.

HIT: To Grass Valley’s Brianna Cebollero, who earned Grand Champion honors for her pig at the Arizona National Livestock Show.

MISS: Better safe than sorry, so we guess it makes sense that a gate at Lake Wildwood would get shut down after a bomb scare at a nearby fire station. And at least folks could still get in and out of the other gate.

HIT: The concept of the Yuba Bus is a great one: A way to get people down to the river without the impact of individual vehicles having to make the trip. The bus has the support of the South Yuba River Citizens League and will even sport brochures on how humans can have a minimal impact in the river.

MISS: To the lack of precipitation. Even the system that’s supposed to be hitting now is being described as a weak one.

HIT: To the two ladies at Hola! Tortilla who took their love of the wraps and turned it into a burgeoning business.

MISS: To ticks. Yes, ticks. Woods seem to be crawling with ‘em right now. Check your dogs.

HIT: To 2013 Nevada Union graduate Tanner Vallejo who, as a member of the Buffalo Bills, has earned a trip to the postseason of the National Football League.

HIT: To Nevada County Habitat for Humanity. The group is taking applications from folks who qualify for its affordable housing program. As we’re all well aware, this county needs more of that.

MISS: To “my nuclear button is bigger ’n’ yers.” Really? This is something to joke about or taunt over?

HIT: To the Nevada Cemetery District for hitting 75 years of caring for the 27 current and historically significant cemeteries in our area.

HIT: To the officers and local service providers who have worked with a homeless veteran to try to get him the help he needs. The man was allegedly assaulted in the days following Christmas.

MISS: To the tragic Robert Steuber situation. Steuber, 82, died while in custody after being accused of shooting his caretaker, Sandra Lebarron.

HIT: To 19-year-old Lexi Alford, who hopes to set foot in every country in the world before turning 21. She’s hoping to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records and raise awareness of how woman can travel the world and stay safe.

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