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History repeats itself

As a teen-ager I lived in a European country occupied by a neighboring state. The occupier restricted the education of my people, censured our press, blown by dynamite our churches, favored colonization of our land by his people and, if encountered any resistance, pacified the inhabitants by his army. The League of Nations disapproved and reprimanded the activity of the occupier but was helpless to help us. Those dismal treatments by the occupier produced hate that expressed itself during the Second World War when the implanted colonists were forcefully expelled from our land or were killed.

That oppression of my people happened 65 years ago but, since then, not much has been changed in relations among nations. Presently Palestinians are under similar stress to that of my people. Palestinians feel uncontrolled hate toward the Jews who took larger part of their land in 1947 and, now, want to take the rest. The Organization of United Nations would like to establish peace in Palestine but like its predecessor, the League of Nations, is powerless. Our government could restore the peace but the powerful Jewish lobby torpedoes its efforts because Israelis need more time to occupy Palestine by their settlements. There will not be peace unless our government builds a wall between Jews and Palestinians and punishes the violators by removing billions of dollars that our government spends in that region.

I congratulate The Union for publishing letters that explain reasons for the ruthless war that Israel wages against Palestinians. In this terrorism-impregnated affair, both sides should remember that the use of force in international relations is not profitable; always comes the time for payment in blood, freedom, wealth or morals.

Ivan Kochan, Ph.D.

Grass Valley

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