Helping neighbors is great, but NC fire relief has gone too far |

Helping neighbors is great, but NC fire relief has gone too far

It took a terrorist attack … and thousands of lives lost for Americans to care enough to help each other, but at what cost? The families of the Oklahoma City bombing finally got help. Now, Nevada City has a fire, 60 people are out of work. Dishwashers, cooks, preps, bartender, waitpersons, store clerks, and oh yes, business owners are out of jobs, not to mention a few apartment tenants and landlords not receiving rents. Did the businesses not have insurance? Did the car owners not have insurance? Did any of them have money put aside for such things? How many lost their homes? Did the musicians and artists have any work on the side, since most only work at night? Did any of these people have money put away?

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I’ve been out of work for two weeks. I need a donation to survive and pay my rent. Send money, to Big Scam/Nevada Visa and Master Charge accepted.

When I was working for Main Street Cafe in ’96, we took a cut in pay to clean up after the fire, then I went on unemployment. That lasted two weeks and then I got a job. I saw no community support. Life went on as other employees went on unemployment or got other jobs. What’s with you all? My landlord didn’t evict me. How many paychecks do you want from the public?

Maybe we should do more donation-type events for millions of hungry and dying children whose families can’t afford to shop in Nevada City, much less stay here. Don’t get me wrong. Helping your neighbor is a good thing, but this much is pushing disaster relief too far. And, what about using Sept. 11 for your cause? How patriotic of you. I’m a school employee who sees a greater need. Have any of you ever made sure all the school kids in your county have music, art and P.E. as a daily thing for all K-8 schools? Now, that’s a relief group we need to truly support big time before they’re no longer available to our county’s children.

William C. Pynchon

Nevada City

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