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He’ll volunteer for Iraq duel

I hail from a long line of soldiers. My family has fought for both Germany and the United States, and I joined the U.S. Army in 1965 after high school. I volunteered to serve in Vietnam and fought there with the 101st Airborne. I was in Rhodesia in the mid-’70s.

I think I know about war, and consider myself a patriot. I have no problem with sending our troops to beat up Saddam Hussein; our soldiers are paid to fight and die if necessary. The military is not a Job Corps or employer of last resort.

I don’t like liars and don’t trust politicians who lie. The U.S. needs cheap oil to jump-start our flagging economy, and Saddam Hussein is not a nice person – fine! This axis of evil and weapons of mass destruction rhetoric is just that. Hitler attacked Poland in much the same way.

I think the vice president of Iraq had a great idea: Have a duel! Our principles against theirs. The U.N. can referee. Look at all the innocent civilians that would not have to become “collateral damage.”

I realize there are two Iraqi vice presidents and we only have one. I would be happy to offer my services and give our vice president first pick. All I would ask from my government would be additional paid-up life insurance premiums so my family would be provided for. I see this as a clear win-win situation. We would get a least one regime change, and with real luck, maybe two!

Kenneth Lingk

Grass Valley

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