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Heed wisdom of John Muir

A recent issue of The Union contained comments on the forestry working group for NH 2020 by Chad Hanson, executive director of the John Muir Project, whatever that is. He proves himself a crybaby whose rattle has been taken away by disagreeing with every point made by the working group.

I find it ironic that the Sierra Club holds John Muir as their God while at the same time ignoring his own stated philosophy. John Muir himself wrote, “Every place is made better by people. Let them be free to pick gold and gems from the hills, to cut and hew, dig and plant, for homes and bread, as the birds pick berries from the wild bushes, and moss and leaves for nests. The ground will be glad to feed them, and the pines will come down from the mountains for their homes, as willingly as the cedars came from Lebanon for Solomon’s temple. Nor will the woods be any worse for this use, or their benign influences be diminished any more than the sun is diminished by shining.” John Muir was a smart fellow.

Beside Mr. Hanson, we have David Brower (president of the Sierra Club), who spoke at a dedication ceremony for a new wilderness area in Nevada.

When asked how handicapped persons could enjoy this wilderness, he said, “They can park their wheelchairs at the wilderness boundary and look in at it.” How can we have believe or respect people like that?

If we let the Sierra Club dictate how our country is run, we will lock up all of our natural resources, import everything we need to live and become just another bankrupt Third World country.

Let me state that I thoroughly believe in environmentalism, but not to the extent that it will misguidedly ruin our country.

Robert S. Shoemaker

Grass Valley

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