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He who plays with fire gets burned

Recently, somebody recommended a few “books for conservatives” in The Union.  Today, I would like to recommend a “book for all Americans.”  Unfortunately, it is in French and hasn’t been translated into English yet.  It’s called “Ben Laden, La Verite Interdite (“Bin Laden, The Forbidden Truth)” (Denoel, 328 pages).  This book was written by two international intelligence specialists.  The book details the failed Bush administration policy in Afghanistan that ended up in the Sept. 11 disaster:

Fresh out of the Clinton Administration, the FBI was quite focused on the trail of bin Laden/al-Qaida and was making substantial progress in interfering with their operations.  Unfortunately, the trail was taking us through Saudi Arabia and this could be detrimental to the U.S. oil interest, so, a damper was put on the FBI by the Bush administration.John O’Neill, the FBI No. 2 man who was overseeing this dossier began to get frustrated:  He was prevented from going to Yemen where he had a lead to check He was finally allowed to go to Saudi Arabia to question some suspects … who got “executed” a couple of days before his arrival, etc.  O’Neill decided to resign in July and took the job of chief of security for the WTC … and died in the collapse of the towers on 9-11.  Reality dwarfs fiction!

In the meantime, the Bush administration was negotiating with the Taliban (represented in the U.S. by Laila Helms, niece of … yes! … Richard Helms, former director of the CIA) and one of the terms of the agreement was the “delivery” of bin Laden to the U.S. The agreement never came to fruition (the last meeting took place on Aug. 2) and bin Laden, under the threat of being betrayed by the Taliban, decided to act first.  We know the rest.

Nobody is spared in this book.  Yeslam bin Laden, half-brother of Osama, who recently “bought” a Swiss citizenship, filed a restraining order to prevent the sales of this book in Switzerland.  I know of a few who should consider doing the same regarding sales in the U.S.

Alain Lazard

Nevada City

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