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Happy folks, good food at the ‘Bar-B-Cue’

Vivian Herron, Columnist
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I met The Union photographer Eileen Joyce and ditto columnist Josh Wimmer at the Aug. 3 Bar-B-Cue, looking cool and relaxed after a visit to the river. After the auction, I was introduced to Bob Crabb, yes, the Bob Crabb who does those great cartoons for the paper! Dang! Bob was wandering around with his adored squeeze Mary Ann; they’ve been an item for the last nine years.

“Oh, I’ve always been in love with him.” said Mary Ann. “We’re both from Nevada County, and we’ve known each other since kindergarten. He’s like the boy next door.” Well, dear readers, those two may have been in Washington together, but they were off in their own affectionate little world, I do assure you.

I dropped off some giant chocolate chip cookies at the bake sale and was told that local Glenda Wright had once again baked her made-from-scratch lemon bars. Delicious! The sale had barely gotten under way, and I was lucky enough to get the second-to-last slice.

Gloria and Gordon Glyer drove down in their 1965 Mustang convertible; my daughter, Crystal, nearly lost her mind over the car.

“We think Washington is an absolute delight,” Gloria said. She writes for Sacramento magazine; have you heard of that? She sent me a copy, very nice indeed. I want to work for them as a restaurant critic, as I am very tired of eating in places where the furniture is bolted down and the condiments come in plastic packets I can never open.

While waiting to bid on a goody at the auction, Daise Cooper sat down next to me. What a neat woman! She is retired and lives in Cascade Shores. She was an Army surgical nurse for many, many years. I’ve been meeting retired nurses lately for some reason, and I always get the feeling they could slip right back into harness on a moment’s notice.

Kay and Bob Zuelsdorf, friends of Washington resident Pat Macintosh, were all over barbecue sauce when I happened by their table. They are retired and live in Alta Sierra; she was a bookkeeper and Bob was an electronics designer until they moved to Nevada County, where Bob worked as a video/electronics engineer. Before all that, they lived in Madison, Wis. Hmm … why in the world would they want to move to California?

“We love it here,” Bob said. “Not movin’ back, no sir.”

The Treasure Chest has opened in the little store next to the Washington Hotel Cafe. Of course, it runs on Washington time.

RC gave me the business hours while he waited for owners Lorie and Nanz to come back from their dinner. “Yeah, well, it’s usually open Thursday through Sunday, from around 10 in the morning to six or so in the evening. If you see something in the window that you like, check the cafe or bar; one of us is almost always in one or the other, or somebody will know where we are, and we’ll open up for ya.”

All kinds of things are for sale in that tiny shop. Handmade jewelry, perfume oils, music boxes, a big collection of vintage (and working) cameras, pewter figures, creations by local artists, macrame, antiques – come visit and look around, it’s an experience.

Eric Chambers and Sara Rowland were waving at old friends while standing in the chow line. Both are local residents who left Littletown for Washington state several months ago, and are doing very well up north. Ted and Nancy Peach came down, too; such friendly, happy people. Wait until I tell you about Sandy’s brother, Roger Ralph, next week.

Vivian Herron is a longtime resident of the town of Washington whose column appears on Saturdays. You can write her in care of The Union, 464 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, 95945.

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