Gun laws hurting law-abiding citizens |

Gun laws hurting law-abiding citizens

I read where a brain-dead liberal wrote and wanted more gun laws, who probably never owned a cap gun. It’s pathetic. They don’t realize they are puppets for the U.N. mandates to disarm all Americans. We are being set up for a police state similar to the Nazi Gestapo, New World Order.

Right now we have hundreds of Communist gun laws on the books that have forced 92 percent of gun store owners out of business in California (a liberal state), making it almost impossible for a law-abiding citizen to buy a gun. History is replete with tyrannical governments disarming the people.

Our founding fathers knew what they were talking about when they drafted the Constitution and Bill of Rights back in 1776. Black powder was banned by the British Crown, which started the Revolutionary War. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Criminals and totalitarian regimes love unarmed citizens. If they were interested in reducing crime they’d consider all the evidence and support laws aimed at criminals, who will always have guns, when guns are outlawed. These gun laws leave law abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals.

James L. Butler


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