Gun control or civil rights annihilation? |

Gun control or civil rights annihilation?

The comments on Mr. Moore’s film debut here have me quite riled. I am truly sorry for the losses we sustained as a community by the oft-mentioned shooting and am fully aware that Mr. Thorpe was in need of counseling, but there is no single answer as to how to “fix” the situation.

More often than not, those who are in the most need of counseling are difficult to get there and when they are in counseling, they are not going to display anything that may cause them to be monitored as an inpatient.

Why are we holding the public servants as solely responsible? What about family members and neighbors? Is it that we can’t sue them as readily as we might some government office?

There are a lot of gun owners in this area who have been here for a lot of years. Some are third and fourth generations in this area. I truly resent Mr. Moore’s call for a cease-and-desist of any future gun shows. I have my beliefs (religious or otherwise) that would be deprived by such an action.

Did anyone ever think that perhaps if the ladies were trained in gun safety, and had one been available at the time of the shooting, that someone might still be alive?

I’ve never used a gun other than for hunting purposes or target practice and, other than self- defense, wouldn’t consider it. It’s not any of my guns that need to be feared, but I’m not sure, Mr. Moore, you should walk in front of my car.

Bev McPherson

Grass Valley

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