Grocery store glee and … diet water? |

Grocery store glee and … diet water?

Just recently, I was limping down the center aisle of a chain grocery store and decided to take a breather. I didn’t want anybody to know that, though, so I pretended to be real interested in one of the items on an end aisle. Then I did get interested. The display was cases of diet water.

Oh sure, you bet, go ahead and read that again, I don’t mind. Diet. Water.

I looked up at the ceiling for a bit, thinking old age had finally jist overtuck me and I was seein’ thangs that did not exist. But I looked again, real hard, squinting through my reading glasses, and sure enough, each bottle was labeled “Water” and to the upper right of that it said, “Diet.” I held a bottle of it in my hand, dear readers.

I looked all over the label to find out why it said that, and found nothing. What can you remove from water to make it lo-cal? I burn to know, and if you have the answer, I would be grateful to hear it.

I send you greetings from local residents and newcomer Jayne Woods, whom I met while in the checkout line at Nevada County’s only box store. She and her husband, Jack, and their 9-year-old grandson moved to Nevada County in June from further down the hill.

“We absolutely love it,” she said. “We already have family here, and that makes a big difference, too. I worked for the Sacramento Unified School District, and I can tell you the schools here are excellent, with heavy parent participation, a big, big plus.

I also met Alyse Macondray (same day, same line), and she is lightning in a bottle! She’s got a thing or two to say about all the changes going on hereabouts. “I’ve lived here for 35 years and frankly, I think it’s horrible. These developers have no perception of what was terrific in this town.

“You know where they’re tearing down the old Gra-Neva building, that whole area? Remember how gorgeous that ivy was in the fall? Well, I went over there and tore off a couple strips; I’m going to try to start it and keep it going. I sure hope others have done the same thing.”

Alyse and I continued to chat our way right out of the store and ended up standing by the entrance for a few minutes. Most people wouldn’t dream of striking up a conversation with a total stranger. I highly recommend it.

Someone left a couple of boxes of books in the Washington Public library along with a very sweet note to me. I ended up calling Joni Renfro to say thanks and found out she and her husband Dan drove over from North San Juan to have lunch at the hotel and drop off the books. Thank you, Joni!

The Renfros are mostly retired now, and Joni just got a horse a few months ago and likes to ride him nearly every day. “I’m not sure about the name of this type of horse, but he’s big and yellow with some white on him; does that help?” and laughed and laughed.

They’ve owned their present home and acreage for about a year, and spending every danged day since then clearing off garbage, brush and junk in general. She says the end of that should be very soon, and then she can get to her very favorite things to do, landscaping and gardening.

One of the Collectabelle chapters is coming to Washington on Monday for lunch and they asked me to talk to them about Washington’s history. Public speaking … gee whiz, I’d rather put socks on a rooster.


Vivian Herron is a longtime resident of the town of Washington whose column appears on Saturdays. You can write her in care of The Union, 464 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, 95945.

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