Graffiti-ist restricts freedom |

Graffiti-ist restricts freedom

Bumper stickers are one of the simple ways we identify ourselves. The green-and-white sticker on our car identifies me as a proponent for NH 2020 because I believe that Nevada County deserves a fair chance to keep its balance against a society which is always straining for change.

During the recent recreation/forestry presentation at Miners Foundry, someone decided our car belonged to one of the bad guys, so under dark of night wrote over the NH2020 slogan to read: “I’m a socialist … stealing rights.” The graffiti-ist and I have opposing opinions, and I resent his not respecting that. Every one of us is so fortunate to live here in the United States of America where folks are allowed to think with diversity and not be punished for their beliefs. So, graffiti-ist, before scrawling “socialist” on another NH 2020 bumper sticker, please remember that your neighbors are as good Americans as you claim to be.

Here is a story of how Grass Valley got its name: When pioneers were struggling to get over the Sierra before winter snows arrived, they pressed their worn-out oxen severely. There was very little forage, and both settlers and teams were hungry and exhausted, but after their wagons crested, the last mountain there was a renewed vigor in the oxen felt through the reins by their drivers. The oxen had smelled grass on the wind. Then the pioneers saw this beautiful valley spreading below them. Some of those pioneer families settled here and continue to cherish their land, but their ancestors brought the beginnings of change to what we know as Nevada County. Our family came here 30 years ago, and we know how lucky we are to have found our small piece of this good earth.

I believe that our descendants deserve the best from us who are living here now – living with respect towards the land. NH 2020 is a guideline for lessening the degradation which is bound to arrive here as urban areas become more impacted. People are always on the move to a better place. It’s part of who we are as Americans.

Sarah Arnold

Grass Valley

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