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God doesn’t punish ill children’s behavior

Recent disturbing comments appearing in The Union have compelled me to respond, especially during the season of Christmas.

The heartbreaking article covering the plight of the family caring for three children with a rare life-threatening skin illness contained a comment that made me cringe. It was implied by someone interviewed in the article how especially tragic their illness is considering what “big hearts” they have, that if the children “were bratty, she could understand why God would give them such a disease.”

No child, regardless of his or her behavior, is ever punished by God this way. Children are innocent in the eyes of God by the very nature of who they are: children. While some children who struggle with disease or disability might understandably be unpleasant at times, surely God’s response is utter love and compassion for their pain and suffering. And that goes for healthy children as well. God’s miraculous presence is in the incredibly strong, nurturing people providing such love and superior care for these special children.

On the subject of miracles and innocence, the opinions of those who label Harry Potter stories as “evil and occultic” truly confuse me. Lighten up, please. Since when is reading about a subject equated with behavior reflecting belief in that subject? Has anyone observed Potter fans worshiping him as their one true god of their faith? I don’t think so.

Most classics in children’s literature contain magic and witches among their pages. Peter Pan, Mary Poppins and Pinocchio, to name a few, and pretty much the entire Disney repertoire include elements of magic.

Childhood is such a short season, and every child’s birthright to enjoy as much as possible before growing up into a world of ugliness as many recent events reveal.

Lisa Hicki

Nevada City

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