Global warming makes money, not sense |

Global warming makes money, not sense

We can thank our Creator for providing us with Global Warming. Sunshine provides heat. This is Global Warming. Mankind could not survive without it.

The temperature at the sun’s core is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. There are 93 million miles of cold space between the sun and the Earth. Sunshine is composed of microwaves. Matter on Earth is composed of atoms. When the sun’s microwaves contact the Earth’s atoms, increased electron activity produces heat. None of the sun’s heat reaches the Earth.

The correct name for the disaster warnings triggered by “Global Warming” is the greenhouse effect. The theory is that greenhouse gases prevent heat from escaping and temperatures will rise. As of today, greenhouse gases have had a very minor effect on our temperature. The amount of heat we receive from sunlight is balanced by the amount of heat that escapes after the sun sets.

Air is composed of 78 percent Nitrogen, 21 percent Oxygen, 0.94 percent Argon, 0.3 percent Carbon Dioxide, 0 to 4 percent water vapor and other trace gases.

Greenhouse gases consist of Carbon Dioxide, water vapor, cow gas or Methane, and a trace of Nitrous Oxide and Chloro-fluorocarbon.

We could not survive without greenhouse gases. Plants need Carbon Dioxide in order to grow. Water vapor produces rain and snow. Both are a necessity. The amount of Methane is negligible. However, New Zealand has a flatulence tax on each cow and sheep so that they can study “Global Warming”.

These dire warnings consist of melting ice, oceans rising, tremendous storms, land turning to deserts, land turning to jungles, increased rainfall, increased dry periods, loss of many species, loss of many plants and growth of unwanted plants.

The world’s oceans cover 196,500,000 square miles. How many gallons of water would it take to raise sea level one inch? The world’s rivers pour billions of gallons of water into the oceans each day without raising the ocean level. Eighty percent of the world’s ice is on the Antarctica Continent. Reports have been made that Antarctica is warming. This is both true and false. A piece of land that extends north of Antarctica is warming. This is 2 percent of the continent. The other 98 percent is in a cooling trend.

If ocean levels rise, how do you tell if the cause is increased water or sinking land? Mountains have risen. Island have sunk. We pump out oil and water and land may sink.

The Industrial Revolution has been here for many years. Many volcanoes have poured vast amounts of gases into the air. Burning oil wells, as in Kuwait, have poured tremendous amounts of gases into the air. We have experienced cooling trends and warming trends. Vast amounts of Carbon Dioxide are trapped by the oceans. No where is it evident that “Global Warming’s” dire forecasts are occurring. Locally we experience hot weather when large amounts of hot Equatorial air moves in. We also experience low temperatures when Arctic air engulfs us.

Patrick Michaels book, “Meltdown”, be-lies all of today’s theories about the perils we will experience from “Global Warming.”

Michael Crichton in his book, “State of Fear”, be-lies all “Global Warming” theories. At the end, he explains the many mistakes we have made in trying to manage the worlds ecology. He explains that we do not have the necessary information to properly manage the ecology.

Why has this hoax been fostered on the world’s people? One answer is “Follow the money.” The many environmental organizations have reaped billions of dollars through their campaigns of fighting “Global Warming.” The world’s media has printed thousands of articles of “Global Warming” and printed many books. Some have become best sellers. The New York Times printed an article about the Arctic ice melting. Later they had to print a retraction. The media readily prints all articles favoring Global Warming without any verification of the facts.

“Global Warming” appears to be a re-enactment of the Chicken Little fairy tale about “The sky is falling.”


Thomas Crosswhite is a resident of Grass Valley.

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