Get a job? I’ve got one |

Get a job? I’ve got one

“Come on. Get out of bed!”

“What time is it?” I asked, pulling the clip out of my hair.

“It’s 5:30!”

“A.m. or p.m?” I replied.


“I’ll get up in a little bit. I’m tired!”

“You’re tired! Why don’t you try working a 12-hour day and then tell me you’re tired!”

“You want me to go get a job?” I asked.


“FINE!” I yelled and clambered out of bed!

Now the No. 1 rule in my house is: If Mama ain’t happy …

“Everyone out of bed! Get dressed and get your breakfast! Dad says I have to get a job, so let’s get moving!” I yelled to my children. Ah, I remember that day like it was yesterday. The kids got dressed, made their beds and lunches and ate breakfast, all while not saying a word! I got ready and dropped them off at school. The last thing I said to them was, “Wish me luck!” They each jumped out of the car, and as I drove away, I could see them through my rearview mirror, shaking their heads as they walked to class. I know they were thinking … What is she going to do?

I smiled and drove off to our county Recorder’s Office. I walked in and said, “I’d like to start a business.” The woman behind the counter said, “Here you go. Please fill out this form and when you’re finished, bring it back to me with a payment of $24.”

“Thank You” I said. When the form was completed, I brought it back with my payment. The woman looked at me and said, “Oh, you’re opening a day care?” I said, “NO!” She looked at the form again, “Well it says here, JUST MOM.”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“That’s you what?”

I continued … “I woke up this morning and my husband told me to go get a job, so I’m getting a job!”

“I don’t think you can do that?”

“Why not?”

“Hold on a moment!”

I stood patiently waiting, and within a few minutes she came back and said, “You go, girl!” She handed me my pink paper and my receipt and told me to head to The Union newspaper and file my Fictitious Business Name! I said, “Thank you!” and left.

When I arrived at The Union, I walked up to the counter and handed the woman my form. She said, “Oh, JUST MOM! Are you opening a day care?” I repeated my story and she said, “Can you do that?” I said, “Well, this morning my husband told me to get up and get a job! I have a job! I have three children that I take care of – a farm … we raise hogs, and I’m a dreamer of sorts, so when would I have time to go work for someone else! I figure that if I filed a Fictitious Business Name and ran it in your paper for the specified amount of time, and no one petitioned me … that would prove that being a mother is a ‘Real Job’ worthy of acknowledgment!”

She looked at me and said, “How do you figure?”

“Have you ever seen the movie ‘Miracle on 34th Street?'” I asked.

“Yes. It’s a classic!”

“Remember when the Macy’s Santa said that he was the real Santa?”

“Yes” she replied.

“Well, it was because the U.S. Postal Service declared that he was Santa. So I figure if the U.S. Postal Service can declare Santa, Santa … then my county Recorder’s Office and my local The Union newspaper can declare that I am “JUST MOM.”

She smiled and said, “You go, girl!”

When my husband came home that night, the first thing he said was, “Did you get a job today?”

“I did!”

“Whom are you working for?”


“Excuse me?” he quickly replied.

I walked over to the counter, picked up my papers and told him that it cost him $24 for me to file at the county Recorder’s Office and $75 for me to run the Fictitious Business Name in the paper, so in my quest for a job, he was out $99.

He looked at me in disbelief!

I said, “Oh, that’s nothing! Wait until you get the bill for my services!”

In the county of Nevada, state of California, in the year 2002! “Just Mom” was acknowledged as a real job!

No one petitioned me!



Gina Gippner is a Penn Valley resident and mother of three. She can be reached via e-mail at or computer chat at

Her column will appear every other Tuesday, alternating with Mike Drummond’s column from Clear Creek Ranch.

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