Gambling with Robin in Lincoln |

Gambling with Robin in Lincoln

I have a message on my answering machine from Robin Sutherland from a while back of her refusing the obligation and invitation to attend the Republican Central Committee meeting to answer credible questions, because her record has been a real secret and her story keeps on changing. Perhaps she works for a casino and wanted that secret.

Under pressure from supporters, Robin did attend the meeting and admit she was part of the United Auburn Indian Community, although many “good conservatives” never took notes they should have until now! Those who voted for Robin “the unknown” before the primary are now re-considering. When I read her admittance in The Union on Aug. 21 – “Candidate sets the record on herself straight” – I was reminded of Izzy’s Green Party involvement. Now we learn Robin supports the casino in Lincoln but “not in Nevada County,” and receives money from the United Auburn Indian Community.

Why is her U.A.I.C. involvement a problem? Because the U.A.I.C. is establishing a casino in Lincoln on 58 acres, and with casino money it will fund Placer Legacy (NH 2020 for Placer County) up to $100,000 per year. See the memorandum of understanding on the Placer County Web site.

Many warned of the NH 2020 land grab (in place but not funded) and of Izzy. Many also warned of Robin’s casino involvement, and she tells a different story to different people. Can she always defend the casino by playing the race card?

I know not to believe the extreme environmentalist Izzy Martin and her NH 2020 “smart growth” scams. Both NH 2020 and “smart growth” are anti-family! Why would anyone in America – one nation under God – give support or receive money from any anti-family casino? Get the facts and follow the money on both Robin and Izzy. Good luck, since Robin stated, “I do not intend to address or talk about these issues again.” Credible candidate? Gambling with Robin?

Calvin Clark

Rough and Ready

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