Gaebler wastes our money |

Gaebler wastes our money

A great number of persons in government are constantly talking about being sensitive toward others. I guess this does not apply where taxpayers who pay the bills are concerned. Mr. Gaebler was on the verge of spending $30,000 of our tax money for services and products which are available in Nevada County. It is only through the vigilance and watchful eye of Supervisor Sue Horne that this was brought to light. Where, Mr. Gaebler, is your sensitivity toward the taxpayers, merchants and service providers in Nevada County? I would have expected a person of his supposed credentials could estimate the costs to be released for public consumption would be much more accurate. As it is, he has reduced his cost estimate by 40 percent. This does not seem to be the actions of someone who is employed to use the taxpayers’ money responsibly. Oh well, what can we expect from another of Peter’s puppets?

Also, where was the other $12,000 going to go, were it not for Sue Horne? If Mr. Gaebler were so effective in reducing the cost of county government, how come my property taxes increased by 20 percent this year, which as far as I’m concerned is in violation of Prop. 13. There are many questions that need answering, and I hope many other taxpayers begin questioning the actions of our county officials. One other question for now, why, if Mr. Gaebler receives bonuses on supposed savings, why is it other department heads, appointed or elected, who save money for the county do not receive bonuses?

Keith Harris

Grass Valley

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