Gaebler just doesn’t get it |

Gaebler just doesn’t get it

Supervisor Sue Horne and county Treasurer Christina Dabis got it right for taking on County Executive Officer Ted Gaebler on his squandering $30,000 of our hard-earned tax dollars on a three-day retreat at the Forest House Hotel in Forestville for 30 county department heads. His comment when confronted with this outrageous expenditure was, “So what, it’s one-hundredth of 1 percent of our budget. … It’s a tiny cost.”

His words were spoken like a true bureaucrat, translated they mean, “Let them eat cake!” Of course, if that $30,000 came out of his personal pocket Gaebler, would be screaming “strong-arm robbery!” He just doesn’t get it and neither does Supervisor Peter Van Zant who defended Gaebler.

Gaebler was hired after our county leaders did a nationwide search for the best of the best. Translated, that means everyone in Nevada County was too stupid to qualify for the position and I’m sure he thinks we’re dopey enough to buy this retreat nonsense. He, however, has greatly misjudged the citizens of our county, many of whom have extensive business backgrounds themselves and here’s another scoop: the vast majority of our residents also have something Gaebler is lacking … common sense!

Yes, our county department heads need to get together to address our problems, but Sue Horne and Christina Dabis are right when they suggest the Elks Club, or what’s wrong with the local library conference room, or if they just have to go ga-ga and bond with each other for a night, how about one of our local establishments?

So, on behalf of us taxpayers, I ask that Ms. Horne and Ms. Dabis keep Gaebler’s feet to the fire and if he doesn’t like it then may I suggest this: let’s collect whatever money is needed to ensure that he have the ultimate bonding experience of his lifetime … a one-way ticket to Afghanistan!

Dennis McKenzie

Nevada City

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