Free speech being compromised |

Free speech being compromised

I wrote the original letter to the editor about the cybersquatting of the NH 2020 Web sites. I repeat my apology to Susan Levitz for saying that her actions were illegal. I did not fully understand the facts of the cybersquatting issue. I apologize for claiming that it was illegal.

About county’s decision to order the removal of “Stop NH 2020” signs. This is the same county that decided there was nothing to vote on for NH 2020 so it was not a ballot (and therefore not a political) issue. So why must they be removed? The Property Owner’s Bill of Rights is not worth the paper it is printed on. Next is the county going to order all anti-NH 2020 stickers to be removed from bumpers? To say that some letters may not be published in The Union because of their political content? What is the next step in this seizure of First Amendment rights? Should our people only be allowed to be political during the 60 days before, and the 10 days after and election?

This limiting of free speech is a very solid step towards the elimination of disagreement. The cause of the American Revolution was the denial of political representation to our citizens. Is that so different from the denial of the right to freedom of speech? Where in the First Amendment does it say that a county board of supervisors can temporarily abridge free speech rights because they are related to an election? Where does it say that our county government may supersede the law of the land and gain powers that are not even granted to Congress or the president?

The major distinguishing facet that differentiates our government from the dictatorial governments that exist on this earth is the fact that we believe that our rights are granted by God (a power higher than mankind), and they believe that theirs are granted by the government. Since when does our small county’s laws supersede those of our entire nation? Never! I think I’ll just go put up one of those signs.

Scott Ferguson

Grass Valley

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