Four square feet vs. one acre |

Four square feet vs. one acre

We support good planning for the benefit of the community. There is a “however”: The process for developing goals, policies, procedures and regulations must not be conducted in a “loaded,” almost secretive fashion. We know, we know … many will claim the NH 2020 meetings are open to the public, etc., etc.

When out-of-county organizations spend millions of dollars to lobby and craft goals and policies for our county, and simultaneously deny any accountability to the public for their expenditures; and when these outsiders are unwilling to define their mission in our county, it is only reasonable that we have serious reservations about their real purposes. Sure, there may not be a legal requirement for them to be transparent and open. But, why any mysteries?

In The Union article April 4, Steve Brown, our county code compliance director, has declared the NH 2020 (read “anti”-NH 2020) signs are “election” signs to be removed according to the county code. There is a huge difference between an individual’s right to display an “opinion” concerning an ongoing issue and the failure to remove an “election” sign.

Has Steve Brown the authority to declare these NH 2020 signs “election” signs? We all remember that the BOS rejected the petition of 8,000-plus voters to put NH 2020 considerations on the March 2002 ballot.

Does Steve Brown act unilaterally, or with legal advice, or simply as a tool of those supervisors who would like to see opposition to their NH 2020 process fade from public view?

Earlier (Aug. 28, 2001) newly appointed Steve Brown declared the county would not enforce the code (Sec. L-II 5.20) on the removal of approximately 14 “inoperable vehicles” from residential property in our RA3 zoned community. This wreckage covers approximately one acre.

So here’s the enigma for Mr. Brown: This property also has on it a 4-square-foot sign, “Stop NH 2020.” Does Mr. Brown seriously believe the public interest is being served by removing the NH 2020 sign and doing nothing about the wreckage?

We plan to buy some “Stop NH 2020” signs.

Brien Webster

Grass Valley

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