Forest thinning necessary |

Forest thinning necessary

Time to fold. I believe it is time for our Nevada County supervisors to break from their urban environmental foundation political mandate and their “0” cut forest management rhetoric and return to a science-based fuel wood reduction program.

Our forests in Nevada County have been managed as timber reserves for about a 100 years now, as such tree densities have risen from six to 10 trees per acre, common in the 1700s, to current tree-farm densities of 300-500 trees per acre. The no-cut plan required by the wildland project (the heartthrob of the urban environmental lobby) leaves our current forests wide open to catastrophic wildfire destruction. Do I need to go on about the devastation to watersheds and wildlife after the Martis Fire?

Truth is, wildfires have been growing in size since 1980 and the acres-burned graph shows a hockey stick curve. Much of the acreage destroyed by intense wildfire even makes a clear-cut look appealing in contrast. I’m sure the wildlife would agree. Thinning of the forest is a necessity, not an option.

The Sierra Club has given much lip service to renewable resources and local sustainable logging, as they simultaneously destroyed both. Their credibility is gone. It is time to put some science back into forest management and reject the non governmental political organizations that are holding our Nevada County forests hostage.

This “0” cut forest management is another example of abuse of the Endangered Species Act. Our forests, wildlife and watersheds are suffering, and communities are endangered because urban environmental funded political organizations consider it acceptable collateral damage in the pursuit of their Utopian wildland fantasy.

James Comeaux


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