For the public – Steve Madden |

For the public – Steve Madden

Where I work: Nevada County Fairgrounds.

My job title: I am the special events coordinator.

What I do in my job: I manage the facility rentals for special events at the fairgrounds.

Why my job is important to the public: The fairgrounds are really an integral part of the community. Lots of organizations use the fairgrounds for large events and smaller ones, too, like weddings and barbecues. Having the opportunity to run the rental program lets me make facilities available for groups and organizations when they need to meet.

The special skills and talents I bring to my job: Customer service, and I have a fairly likable and agreeable nature. I have to deal with a lot of different people here because of the variety of things we host – from law enforcement, to paternal groups, to dog shows.

The best part of my job: I think just doing what I can to help people put on a good event so that the people who come can go home feeling like they attended something that was fun. I work behind to the scenes to make sure that happens.

A day at work I’ll always remember was…: Any day during the fair. The office staff is pretty much on call during the fair; we get to mingle and help people out. The most fun I’ve had was attending the circus that was here over the summer time.

How I got my job: I saw an ad in the newspaper. It is a part-time job. I have a business full time that I operate, doing coaching and athletic training.

How long I’ve been working here: I came on just before the fair last year in July.

My dream job would be: I think my dream job would be owning and running a golf instruction facility. I do a lot of golf training on the side. It is probably the thing I enjoy most right now.

My family: I’m married, and my wife’s name is Judy. We don’t have any children, but we do have a really nice dog, Roxy. All my other family lives down in Southern California.

My hobbies: I spent a lot of years in competitive cycling as an athlete and a coach. I make golf clubs, and I spend a lot of time golfing. That keeps me busy.

When I was a kid: I liked fishing and camping. I played sports in city sports leagues. I was a golfer in high school. I was into rock climbing and mountaineering – back country type of activities – but since then I have been working.

My dream vacation: A two-week cycling trip in the out-of-way places in southern Italy or Spain with my wife.

If a movie were made of my life, I would be played by: Somebody with a thick skin and a good sense of humor, like Dennis Leary.

The people who have made the biggest difference in my life: Obviously my folks; they did a pretty good job of raising me. I’ve had some very close friends in cycling over the years – coaches and riders. And people I’ve worked with over the years.

And actually, somebody who I have never met before – Rush Limbaugh. Not so much from a political perspective – I do lean that way – but because of his personal attitude. He puts his best foot forward and tries not to be contentious. He’s just a real positive, stay-on-the-right-track sort of guy.

My hero: My grandfather. He was from a previous generation and was a real simple, caring guy. He taught me to appreciate life for what it was. I spent a lot of time with him when I was younger.

The best book I’ve read lately: “Band of Brothers.” A lot of stuff I read are athletic journals, golf instruction books or business books.

I like living in Nevada County because: I really like being away from the noise and hustle of the city. I find that people for the most part are polite and easy to deal with. I just like the mountains. I like being closer to nature than farther away, but I do miss the ocean.


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