For the public, Pamela Alexander |

For the public, Pamela Alexander

Pamela Alexander
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My job title: Accounting technician

What I do in my job: I process payroll for the county of Nevada.

Why my job is important to the public: It seems to me that people tend to have a good day on payday, so the “trickle-down effect” would be that by paying employees on time they are in a better mood to serve the public, so in that sense it is a “balloon effect” as well.

The special skills and talents I bring to my job: People say I always have a positive attitude. I do like to look on the bright side, but I like to think I am a realist, too. This attitude makes me approachable to others and therefore easy to work with.

The best part of my job is when: The best part of my job is payday (like everyone else). OK, all kidding aside, I really do enjoy the interaction with others. It makes me feel good to help patrons find the department they need or have the right answer for an employee.

The part of my job that I like least is: The least favorite part of my job is when the right answer for an employee isn’t the one they’re looking for.

A day of work I’ll always remember was…: I haven’t had one of those yet. Maybe tomorrow…

How I got my job: I got my job by doing the footwork required.

How long I’ve been working here: Just about seven years. Is that an itch I feel?

My dream job would be: I wanted to be “Quincy” since the eighth grade. If I had to do it all over again I’d probably pursue a position as a crime scene investigator. Yes, I love “CSI.”

My family: My husband, Philip, has helped raise my children (Malcolm and Paris) for the past 10 plus years. I would describe them as MINE because I’m possessive that way and wouldn’t change anything about them. They enrich my life with every adventure. My parents (Bob and Marge Precourt) live locally and inspire me with their loving relationship of many years ( I won’t give up their ages like that!).

My hobbies: I love to eat! That’s my favorite hobby. I also love to cook… imagine that!?

When I was a kid: I was just like my daughter.

If money were no object: I would travel more extravagantly.

My dream vacation: My dream vacation is Crete. Actually it was Greece forever, but I’ve narrowed it down to the island of Crete now.

If a movie were made of my life, I would be played by: Milla Jovovich from my favorite movie, “The Fifth Element.” Maybe she wouldn’t play me, but I’d love to have her part in that movie.

The people who have made the biggest difference in my life: My family, and a very special lady named “Rosalie.”

My hero: My heroes are the people that I encounter along the way that overcome adversity to do this thing we all call “life.”

The best book I’ve read lately was: I love the writings of Dean Koontz because he takes me places that I’d only want to be in the pages of the book.

The soundtrack to my life would include these songs: “Long May You Run.” It’s about a car, but the title of that song alone says it all.


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