Finding common ground |

Finding common ground

When the Green Party came to California, I registered as a Green. Within a few years I had switched to the Libertarian Party.

While I agree with the basic principles of the Green Party, the means that the Greens are willing to utilize to attain their end is where I diverge from the party line.

These means are as follows:

— An apparent willingness to give more power to the government in order to protect the environment, especially the empowerment of regulatory agencies.

— An apparent willingness to give more power to the government as a means of attaining social justice.

— An apparent stance in favor of socialism over a free market society.

While I desire the same end as the Greens: environmental justice, equality, and social justice, I firmly believe that individual rights are the key to attaining this end in a way that is both genuine and enduring.

The following means in my opinion can achieve positive change with minimal resistance (inspired change rather than forced change):

— Move from our current capitalist system to a free market that utilizes a currency based upon time. The Federal Reserve controls our money now; this is not a free market. Current economic thought is based upon a principle of scarcity when we live in a world of abundance. Time is money; the playing field would be leveled if we took this concept and made it concrete by backing our currency with time. Unlike the gold standard, a time standard is based upon the principles of equality and abundance.

— Corporations are dependent upon two things: workers and consumers. We are the workers and the consumers. We can effect changes in industry most powerfully through education and the use of the boycott. Watchdog groups don’t need the power to regulate when they have the power to expose the practices of corporations. The power to expose both the positive and negative practices of corporations helps consumers decide which products to buy; this can have a direct impact where corporations will feel it most, the bottom line.

— Lastly and perhaps most importantly, personal choices. Taking personal responsibility. As an example, vegetarianism is one way to greatly reduce one person’s impact on the environment.

Perhaps these means are areas where the Greens and Libertarians can find some common ground.

Rae Bell


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