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Feinstein caters to timber industry

It’s almost autumn, a time when the dry winds raise our collective anxiety level until the cool rains alleviate our fears. But I caught wind of an uglier possibility today. Senator Dianne Feinstein appears poised to copycat Democratic Party chameleon Tom Daschle, by quietly sliding a salvage-logging rider into place in California. Destructive and short-sighted legislation like this would serve to further limit your rights and abilities as a United States citizen to appeal the methods of archaic logging practices which have made the Sierra Nevada the tinder-box that it is.

By continuing to allow the timber industry to maximize profit by removing the largest trees, a practice called “high-grading,” fire conditions worsen because the shade is removed and the smaller diameter trees and shrubs which remain become hotter and dryer and more apt to burn if given the chance. It’s plain common sense and science backs it up time and time again. Science also unarguably makes clear that salvage-logging, the practice of logging areas that have previously burned, damages fragile soils, negatively impacts waterways, and actually results in more intense fire conditions for the same reasons as stated above.

Dianne Feinstein continues to cater to her friends in the timber industry and show her true colors as a Republi-crat. Stop the lies, protect your property, and tell Dianne Feinstein that what California needs right now is leadership, not business as usual.

Greg Sherr

Nevada City

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