Feedback: What do you think about having a Walmart in Auburn? |

Feedback: What do you think about having a Walmart in Auburn?

Consumers shop at the new Walmart Neighborhood Market, opening its 34,000 square foot store in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

We asked: With Auburn’s Walmart project progressing, “What do you think about having a Walmart closer to downtown Grass Valley and Nevada City?” And this is what you said, at The Union’s Facebook page:

The following comments were posted on The Union’s Facebook page in response to the question: “What do you think about having a Walmart closer to downtown Grass Valley and Nevada City?”

Lyn Coleman Dominguez — I used to shop at Walmart all the time when I lived down south. That being said I have found that most if not all products sold at Walmart are poorly made and not American made so I have stopped shopping there.

Judith McCarrick — I have no intention of ever setting foot in the place.

Katie Lovell — I’m actually at Walmart right now in Roseville! The Kmart sucks in GV! Then I’m going to Trader Joes (as much as I love Briar Patch it’s too expensive) then I’m going to Costco! We need more options than we have!

Josh A Faria — Oh yes, please let’s further invite corporate America into our land, to take away what we define support locally and to fill our minds and stomach with crap that will only harm yourself and environment. A shame and distasteful. We live in the foothills/mountains for a reason…to avoid the city life that beliefs this type of business is a gem and necessary. NO WALMART!

Ariel Wambaugh Cantrell — I’m so happy! Walmart is going to add jobs, commerce and fair prices! Wish they could put it IN Grass Valley but this lame town loves stagnancy and driving out its potential for a future.

Margaret Weiss Bloebaum — Nothing fair about WM’s prices or employment policies, and they have a habit of opening near small towns, driving Main Street out of business, and then relocating because the towns are dead.

Robin Killingbeck — Downtown is falling apart now. There is nothing for us local folks to see there except ice cream shops, bars, and wineries. Everything else is too expensive. And I know there are people in town that would love to have even a part-time job with no benefits.

John DeMarco — No one needs “facts” to see how Walmarts cheapen communities, destroy local business, and rob uniques enclaves such as GV/NC of their individuality. You don’t need “facts” to notice how communities with Walmarts all start looking the same after a while. I don’t mind paying a little more for keeping business as local as possible and working conditions ethical, thank you very much.

Beth Moore — Costco is well-known for excellent care of their customers AND their workers. Look at this chart comparing the two:

Christopher Alexander Eaton — The majority of people in Nevada County will support this because of the high poverty level. Many work for minimum wage or are unemployed and companies like Walmart exploit this by supplying cheaply made garbage and low quality food. Things won’t change if we continue to support corporations over local business. They will end up destroying local economy all together. Shop local.

Chelsea Conley — Boo! No Walmart!

Amanda DuLac — I boycott Walmart. SHOP LOCAL.

Margaret Weiss Bloebaum — It’s true that there are some things that are hard to find here – good linens and camera gear being two that come to mind – but I find everything else I need right here. I LOVE Raley’s and SPD, and we have a number of very nice women’s clothing shops and wonderful bookstores and gift shops. If you want Walmart and Target and Costco, why did you move so far away from them?

Karin Peeters Segal — You won’t see me there !

Julie Johnson — I do not support Walmart and would never step foot inside of one.

Jessica Magliocca — Hell ya!! Walmart’s way better than Kmart n target!! Can’t wait ‘til they put it and Costco in!!

Patrick Marble — You’re all missing the whole point.. Nevada County isn’t about SHOPPING; if that’s what you want then go back to Sacramento or the Bay Area or just make the dang drive. Nevada County is historic and should be kept that way.

Richard Cain — Be smart and listen to Patrick Marble. Maybe I should take and post pictures of the ghost town that used to be my hometown’s business district.

Anastasia Franssen — What drives commerce away from Nevada County is the higher cost of living. I grew up there and graduated from Nevada Union so it holds a special place in my heart. However, I’ve encountered an embarrassing amount of pan handlers and homeless kids in Nevada City and see a much clearer line between the wealthy elites and lower income people recently so it doesn’t appear as though the protectionist mentality is improving business as it is. l loved growing up in Nevada County and even purchased property there but l live outside the county because I don’t see the benefit of the added expense. Yuba County is much more business friendly, offers a wider selection of goods and services at affordable prices. If you have more lint than greenbacks in your pocket, you would benefit from Walmart.

Kim Black Phillips — I personally would like a Costco or Sam’s and a Trader Joe’s. Add a Target and I think I would hear angels singing!

Jeannie Carbone Niemi — I’d rather drive a 70-mile round trip to Roseville than allow a big business to take over and congest Highway 49 any more than it already is.. All this traffic will surely have an impact on Grass Valley in a negative way.

Mary Rothenberger-Schreiber — This is exciting!!!! So Nevada County won’t be historic anymore if we have better shopping?! Yeah because having three Starbucks is so historic, or a Trader Joe’s!

Andrew Kerr — Just don’t shop there if you have an issue. Simple.

Pat Barrentine — I will not shop there. Its reputation precedes it. Not good news.

Jennai Patterson — You can’t refuse places like this to come into your town and then cry when they go elsewhere and your tax base shops there. Sure, Walmart is full of junk, but in this economy, it’s all a lot of people can afford. Tough Break, GV- this $$ could have been here.

Margaret Richardson — yes yes and yes. Let’s face it we all go down the hill. May as well keep the sales tax in our own county!

Matthew West — Let’s face it we all go down the hill? Well that is a bit presumptuous..I suppose if you all really enjoy supporting big corporations, and have no desire to change the status quo, then enjoy your products. We are after all merely “consumers” and apparently we are all happy being just that. Sad.

Misha Andreasen — NO! The more crap we bring to our town the more it will bring our town down!

Stefani Kester — NO! We already have a Kmart. Plus Walmart treats their employees poorly. Tourists come to Nevada County because it’s a cute area with lots of local shops. If you really want to shop at Walmart just shop online. You will find a bigger selection on their website anyways.

Jordan Wambaugh — If tourists come to GV to shop at our local shops, then a Walmart opening nearby should hurt them.

Natashia Dunn — I used to be completely against a Walmart EVER coming this way. Now, I see that there’s plenty of areas that are just laying bare, where jobs could be made. I’m ALL for buying local, but local doesn’t employ much and spending so much more to support local businesses takes away from my family.

Trudy Umfuhrer — Nevada County missed the boat and will forever suffer the consequences. They should have planned ahead 20 years ago for large-scale retail to bring shoppers north into Nevada Co rather than out and still be able to maintain the small town feel they didn’t want to give up. It can be done, regardless of what people are told to believe about Walmart. I live within 6 miles of two Walmarts in a rural area with a thriving historic down town.

Tamara Davenport — When I can get 10 bags of groceries for the price of 2 bags up here then HELL yes I will shop at Walmart.

Osburn-Sellers Vicki — I don’t care one way or the other. I am happy though it will be in Auburn & not here.

Karin Peeters Segal — We buy almost everything at Briar Patch, eat in season and don’t buy frozen or processed foods and it is not bad at all. I do go to Costco every two months for some items and have no problem supporting that company. When I do go to a regular grocery store to pick up something that the Patch does not have I am always blown away by the crap I see in people’s carts.

Leslie Wilde — You’re gonna need a bigger landfill, NC/GV.

Ann Deden — I worry about the impact of a nearby Walmart on local businesses.

John Young — Kiss your small-town retailer goodbye.

Cathi Murillo Medearis — If prices weren’t so high locally, more would shop here. But they are very high; Briar Patch is great but very expensive. Having a choice is what America is all about. I say yay to Walmart and Costco being built in Nev County.

Diane A. Davis — I agree with Katie … I save a lot of money when I go to Walmart in Roseville. I am sorry to have to spend tax dollars elsewhere but when you are on a limited budget (SS) that’s what you have to do.

Bonnie Redd — I will not shop at Walmart. I will continue to shop at Target. If the city/county doesn’t want our tax dollars going out of the city/county, they need to bring in Target, Ross, Marshall’s, Kohl’s, TJ Max, or something like those mentioned in the article, in order for us not to drive or shop on the Internet to get the things we want. Give consumers more choices and more jobs in the area.

Dana Deily — I survive on Walmart! I can’t afford to shop local and I can always count on Walmart having whatever I need…. and then some. Shopping local never seems to work. Trying to shop local is frustrating and too expensive I’ll be happy to drive to Auburn. Yay!!

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