Feedback: On Lobo, McCourtney fires |

Feedback: On Lobo, McCourtney fires

The following comments were posted at or The Union’s Facebook page:

On stories reporting on the Lobo and McCourtney fires:

Britica Pratt — Seriously so very thankful for our community’s brave first responders! Thank you everyone for working so hard; and so so sorry for those that have lost so much.

Greg Zaller — Whether or not this fire was the result of an escaped homeless campfire, the danger of this will always be high until our leaders take the responsibility to make a safe locations for our homeless to exist. The insanity of this unnecessary risk.

Wendy Burrows Bardsley — Thank you for keeping everyone updated. Boggles my mind.

Janet P Isely — These recent fires are terrible and sad.

Jk Rydberg — My thoughts are with the people watching their home burn, losing so much. Very sad for them.

Laurie Davis — Thankful for our firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers! You are appreciated! Great job!

Misty Conklin — Our fire crews are the best! God bless them!

Wanda Lund — Poor people in Rough & Ready. Just got up from that bad one years ago.

Rebekah Terrassa — My heart goes out to all the families displaced.

Kathi Murray Cox — Thanks to all of you who are working so hard to save our community!

Crystal DuShane — Thank you all firefighters, volunteers, media — everyone helping, even if it’s only prayers, you’re awesome.

David Rosprim — Thank you for providing this. Power of livestreaming and social media.

Holly Greer — Watching and praying for my hometown from Colorado Springs.

Sally Vigil — Thank you to The Union, your photographer and newsman for excellent coverage all day long!

Harold Michael Takahashi — Several years ago, I was watching the helicopter doing this at Loon Lake. It was coming close enough to feel the downdraft and exhaust blasts. Very impressive and quite effective. Good job, Cal Fire.

Chris Bruening — Wow! Good luck and fingers crossed for you guys. Hopefully they get it before it gets down to the lake! Scary!

Sheryl Cocker Saturnino — You guys are heroes and our community is so blessed to have your prompt response to these fires! Thank you so much for your tireless professionalism!

Joan B Browne — Juan, your live reports are so invaluable, especially for people in foothill communities! Keeping everyone in prayer for protection and safeguard of their lives, homes, and properties!

Erin Herrera — You guys are amazing!!! Those tanker drops make all the difference between containment and total firestorm! We are so blessed to have that station in Grass Valley.

Debra Hinegardner Woods — Heartbreaking losses! Praying for containment, sooner than later!

Bonnie Van Conia — Praying for those affected and all of the firefighters and volunteers helping.

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