Feedback: On ‘Criminal charges filed in dog attack’ |

Feedback: On ‘Criminal charges filed in dog attack’

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On “Criminal charges filed in Nevada City dog attack”:

Donald Dillard — Dangerous breeds should require: 1. Annual inspection by a vet to make sure it’s safe. 2. Should require obedience training (a passing grade). 3. Owner should be required to carry special insurance. When I say dangerous breeds I don’t mean a specific breed, I mean those likely and historically dangerous.

Matt Murphy — Already offered a plea deal for two years of unsupervised probation and a designation of the dog as “potentially dangerous.” Wow. What an incredibly strong message to owners of dangerous dogs. (Sarcasm intended.)

Ruth Misevic — My dog has been attacked five times by pit bulls. The last and most serious left me with a $700 vet bill. Two weeks later the same dog attacked and killed another small dog, and it is my understanding that the dog was then put down. The thing is, some pit bulls are “sweet” and never hurt a fly. Most seem quite loving and loyal to their owners.

Kathy Monteiro — Thank you to animal control and DA Newell for their efforts to keep us safe from irresponsible dog owners. I do not agree that all pit bulls are dangerous. It is people who make them so.

On “Bullards Bar Dam spilling water ahead of this weekend’s storm”:

Tammie Hazeltine Holloway — If only we had enough storage facilities instead of sending it out to sea …Oh yes that’s right, that money is building a train to nowhere instead!

Nicole Goering-Mullenax — We actually send it down south!

Jezra Sinistra — Water that goes “out to sea,” brings with it nutrients needed by downstream ecosystems. We don’t need that water, but the ecosystems that support the salmon fishing industry certainly need the nutrients within the water.

Larry Carlton Taliaferro — And yet more water being wasted …

Craig Silberman — Not wasted; it’s going where it would have gone had there not been a dam built. And had they not released it before this coming storm, an uncontrolled release might occur, which could be damaging.

Peggy McCormack — I hope they don’t release too much. I love the lake levels high for the summer.

On “George Boardman – Reaction to teen march makes you wonder who the juveniles are”:

Paul Alderman — Mr. Boardman, I’ll give you an “A” for your extreme spin effort and a great photo. When it comes to the facts, however, you’re running a bit shy. You only noted that Spielberg, Winfrey and Clooney contributed, and other adults helped them with the permits. You fail to give just due to those truly responsible for the movement that Buzzfeed (Feb. 27) acknowledges: “The Parkland Teens Fighting For Gun Control Have The Backing Of These Huge Organizing Groups”.

Greg Goodknight — George Boardman, you seem to be seeing what you want to see, not what is. The local marchers were grey haired and long in the tooth, and in DC, the 200 thousand marchers (determined by examination of aerial photographs) were only about 10 percent under the age of 18. Average age 48.

Cheryl Cook — My husband and wanted to show support for the marchers and found a site online to act as monitors and direct traffic at the Rocklin March for our Lives. The students carried cardboard grave markers with the names of students murdered and all the speakers showed such compassionate composure for their age. So impressive. The only negative conduct happened when a passerby stopped his car in the middle of the road to shout obscenities at them. They kept marching.

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