Feedback: August 31, 2013 |

Feedback: August 31, 2013

In response to the Other Voices piece titled “Complaints misunderstand code compliance.”

Chuck Shea — OH! They are misunderstood all right! That explains alot! Fines Red- tagging, threats, harassment Code Enforcement penalties! Yes! What is misunderstood is the FACT that the County, with the complete approval of our Supervisors pushed through a $600,000 budget. AND Get this,… totally against the recommendations of the Citizens Committee which was formed to review this budget! So why was that done?

A couple of reasons, 1.How about protection of an exclusive class of County Employee’s? Now they have to aggressively push to offset that budget number. 2. Increase fees and fines into the General Fund.

Folks it is once again about Government protecting themselves at the detriment of the People they are supposed to serve! Despicable!

While were at it, now that “ THE MAN BEHIND THE CUTAIN has come out,, how about checking into his salary and perks,, I imagine it pretty substantial. All while folks are being driven off thier land!

AND By thier own admission,, these Code Enforcement thugs, are not even trained in Building Codes, Planning, or Environmental health! But they are trained in how to file a complaint against innocent citizens.

Once again we are back asking,.. Who works for who? According to Rick Haffey.. we work for him!

Ron Ramsey — Mr. Haffey is wrong when he states:”The board of supervisors’ compliance philosophy is in opposition to that view. The board of supervisors believes that enforcement should only be used as a last resort and only double the fees with the most recalcitrant of individuals.”

I was building a garden trellis which was questionable as to whether a building permit was even required. An inspector that happened to be driving by red tagged my trellis. I immediately went to the building department to get a permit and was charged double fees for having started without a permit. I asked if there was any recourse and was told that that was their policy and I had to pay double ($800 dollars) for a permit that cost more than the materials for the trellis. How can Mr. Haffey make a statement like this when the policy of the building department is to charge double in all cases?

Donna Natali — My property is adjacent to a property occupied by the guy who shot the momma bear and tried to sell her cubs. He is not the land owner. This guy is camping, no running water, filth and litter everywhere, and he continues on. Code Enforcement have done NOTHING to rid our neighbor hood of this man who threatens everyone daily. Yet another neighbor was red tagged and ordered to vacate their property, which had active permits on it. What does that say about our code enforcement “professionals”? Not much good as far as I am concerned.

Brad Peceimer-Glasse — Well…..That’s a “interesting” yet completely unrealistic look at this issue as we all know that this is another attempt to support the Sheriff’s MMJ restrictions that was developed using numerous lies.

Steven Frisch — Rick Haffey is both brave and completely correct to truth these allegations. What people like Chuck Shea are resisting is the idea that ultimately we live in a society, a human community, that needs to balance both competing needs, like human health, and competing wishes, like the desire to create ‘nuisance’. I expect my government to protect me from the excess of my neighbor, in exchange for that I expect to be held to some standards to not inconvenience my neighbor. By definition the role of government is to manage these competing interests. They can’t do that if they don’t enforce law. It is really that simple. I don’t want my neighbor polluting a public waterway, or building a structure that threatens my home or the safety of my neighborhood.

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