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On “Nevada County residents rally at Rood Center for gun control”:

Christopher Satterfield — Nevada County has changed so much! I had 2-3 guns in my GMC Jimmy in the Nevada Union student parking lot every single day except for maybe 10 days in almost 3 years. We had a gunsmithing elective class where re-bluing a barrel or simply cleaning the firearm in class wasn’t an issue. It starts on the homefront with reteaching family values, respect for your fellow and gun safety. It ain’t the nasty black gun, people! It actually has everything in the world to do with you and me!

Terry-Ann Pesselt — “She said they were too busy,” Many at the rally vowed to unseat LaMalfa, with some holding up a giant banner that read “Never Re-elected Again.” That’s the story about LaMalfa. We need a Republican to oust him and get someone who cares about the people, not his immediate farmers and take away his feeding at the public trough.

Donnie Bailey — This is so stupid, how about we change the way we raise our children!

Jerry L Webster — Or raise the voting age, and show a skill that is not a video game.

June Sierra — Wow ­- raise the voting age? Um if you can go fight and die in the military, you deserve the right to vote.

Trudy Reynolds — I agree an 18 year old in most cases is not responsible enough to vote! Those who are making the sacrifice to fight for our country should be allowed to vote!

Mike Russo — So 80 whole people showed up … I guess we should just do away with the bill of rights now.

Terri Fontaine Martin — The average citizen legally buying and owning guns is not the problem, it’s the criminals and mentally ill. Limiting guns is only going to make honest average citizens victims of theses sick psychos if they can’t protect themselves.

Peggy McCormack — I would love to hear how he thinks he can get rid of them from evil people, crazy people, gangs etc. Mind that I did not say law-abiding citizens.

Shayne Pharis — I’d like to know how many assault rifles you currently can purchase legally in the state of California.

Nate Hooker — Assault weapon is a political term they made up. Think about this when a police officer uses a gun they blame the police officer not the gun. When some one uses a gun in a crime they say it’s the guns fault. The media glorifies this and which makes it worse. Everyone is glued to social media and in return makes them anti-social.

Jim Love — As long as we are at it, if we’re going to ban assault rifles, why don’t we ban heroin and meth as well. We might even consider banning cars that allow people to drive them while intoxicated … Better yet, why not remove warning labels off of everything so there becomes less ignorant people to explain these kind of things to.

Mike Stodghill — I know nothing about education. I am angry by the way our schools are run. I therefore want to write new education laws. Seems legit.

Teri Stout-Ives — Good. Children need to speak up for their future. They need to be able to express their concerns. Sadly it’s the negative people that bring them down.

Thomas Forsythe — Guns don’t kill. People kill. Try to focus on the cause not the method.

Lane Cierley — If you want more gun control. Go to Chicago. The strictest laws in the US. Zero gun stores. It’s working for them. LOL.

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