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On “Fantastic voyage: Noah Georgeson’s journey from ‘Nevada City kid’ to Grammys”:

Mary Rowe-Baer — Wow! This is awesome! Congratulations Noah!

On “Suzie Draggett: Self-care during a crisis”:

Deby Williams Snell — I feel so blessed that we were able to care for three of our elders. We moved them into our home. For us, it wasn’t hard.

On “A tale of two Marysville dispensaries: Steps still needed for approved medical marijuana shops to open”:

Jezra Sinistra – Bermudez said getting both marijuana dispensaries opened for business is an important priority for the city because of what it will bring along with it, in terms of tax revenue generation. If “tax revenue generation” were an important priority for Marysville, then why are the permits only for medicinal cannabis and not for medicinal and recreational?

On “Full reservoirs mean Sierra snowmelt flows out of NID water system”:

Mike Mooers – You forgot the other half of the story – the part where some people think a new damn is a stupid waste of money and that is a total boondoggle for NID. But you did imply that climate change is real. Baby steps, I guess.

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