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On “Pay-for-parking lot approved in Grass Valley”:

Laura Locke — As long as they don’t put meters on Mill Street I don’t give a hoot …

Gary Watts — Could the city do just a bit more to discourage people from patronizing downtown business?

Jezra Sinistra — Normally I do everything I can to avoid that intersection when I head into town. Now it looks like I will be heading there first in the hopes of actually finding a parking spot.

Mike Russo — Why does the city need more money? Charging to park doesn’t address the root cause of the issue of not enough parking, it only moves the problem to everywhere else.

Victoria Ongie — What about building the parking structure as was discussed? This move is going to discourage many people!

Matt Connelly — What is the cost and what’s the forecasted revenue? This data is critical to our decision.

On “Bob Hren – Outdoor cannabis cultivation will ruin neighborhoods”:

Barbara Warrell Jones — After the CAG committee was selected per BOS decision, the BOS went ahead and added 2 MORE positions on the committee. One was a member of SAM (an anti-cannabis org) and another was not involved or attracted to the industry at all. There are school teachers and farmers and others on this committee NOT in the industry and not particularly hip to the idea. This committee spent 7 months learning to listen to each other and learn.

Todd Juvinall — When Jeff Sessions comes calling there may be a lot of properties on the market.

Debbie Porter — Thank you Bob Hren for your input. Well said. There are many living in our county who have experienced firsthand the problems of having pot growers nearby, Odors, traffic, pollution and water issues being the most obvious. Too many people who are unhappy with the influence of pot growing are afraid to call and complain. … The real truth is, money corrupts. A crop that can bring in such high dollars will always have its share of hard core and angry followers. Six plants is the law. Personal use is obviously not the driving force.

MariaMaria Herrera — Although Bob makes several decent points, especially in regards to objective measures to track smell … there are several comments that need a bit more clarity. First, MIG sent out the application that was available to the entire community … All in all the CAG had a strong balance with many folk falling in the moderate middle. … In regards to personal outdoor grows on R1, most of the discussion has been on parcels of 1 acre or greater with height and size limitations, not all single-family lots. If you can imagine three plants on the size of a football field, which is approximately 1 acre, this doesn’t seem so incredibly unreasonable. Also, the cities are excluded from this ordinance as they have control over their own jurisdiction.

On “Bear River High School grad Adrian Molina wins Golden Globe for ‘Coco’”:

Viktoria Werner — Great movie! I will own that one when it comes available! Congrats!

Mark Bradley — Wow looks like we have to go see it this Friday. An older graduate from my high school made the animation.

Martin Mortensen — Adrian, congratulations. I watched you grow up from your Dad’s dental chair and Bear River in your early years.

Mackenzie Deneen Smith — So cool! I heard the name and remember him from grade school; good for him!

On “Darrell Berkheimer: Diggins spotlight potential public lands damage”:

Em Sequoia — I can’t stand to read this! These horrific damages were as good as done the day we elected Donald Trump. Voters knew this would happen, and chose it!

Nickie Wilkinson — Thanks for your insight, Darrell. I’ve been to Malakoff and witnessed the destructive forces of hydraulic mining. I wish to heavens Trump wasn’t in charge of our country now.

On “Kmart closures spare Grass Valley location”:

Steven Rowe — It would be a shame, the GV location is one of the higher yielding stores in the country from what I understand.

Teri Stout-Ives — That’s good news. It’s the only one around.

Pete Kochis — It’ll be the last one to go, it’s been one of their top stores for years.

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