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On “Extra tax could pay for more firefighters, police officers in Grass Valley”:

Jon Landon — More police officers doesn’t seem to be the problem unless our guys are just getting worn out chasing down the same criminals over and over. Our officers are always catching all of the law breakers “numerous” times! Maybe our court system should stop their “catch & release” policies?

Larry Carlton Taliaferro — An extra tax! Aren’t we taxed enough here in the socialist state of California? Absolutely ridiculous.

Richard Ulery — It never ends. Measure N increased the sales tax for fire protection in Nevada City. The special tax increase passed in 2012 was for Nevada County Consolidated Fire. Until 9 separate fire districts in Nevada County are consolidated and the public pension debacle is addressed, there will be continual efforts to increase sales, parcel, and any other taxes to fund operations that should come from general tax funds. Is Nevada County ready for a 15 percent sales tax? It’s on the way.

Mark Edward Johnson — According to the public census, Grass Valley’s population in 2012 was 12,827 residents. Grass Valley’s population in 2016-2017 was recorded at 12,860. Five officers were hired in 2012. (Grass Valley) wants four more officers. How many officers are needed to serve the needs of an additional 33 residents?

E Christina Dabis-Appleby — Yes, it is a sales tax in the boundary of the Grass Valley city limits, which extends into the Glenbrook Basin. Remember, anyone, resident or not, will pay the 8.5% sales tax on their purchases.

On “Thomas Elias: Tax ‘reforms’ could hit housing, wider economy”:

Mike Russo — Seriously, how is people keeping more of their hard-earned money going to put us in a recession? More of a national debt? The liberal hypocrisy as absolutely laughable. How do you pander this nonsense with a straight face?

Aaron Hawkins — Mike Russo, the idea that people will not be keeping more of their money is the problem. And if you don’t believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Nancy Mitchell — Thomas, you obviously don’t understand the new tax cuts for small businesses and the middle class. And a big win for farmers who have had to sell their farms because the children would have to pay so much tax they couldn’t afford to keep them. That is huge in California! Why not focus on the absurd spending (bullet train, and other pet projects) our illustrious governor and Democrats are promoting, and instead, use that money to build state of the art mental and drug rehabilitation hospitals for extended care! That will do more to help the homeless people as that is a huge cause of homelessness.

On “New signs first step of renovating Grass Valley shopping center”:

Jezra Sinistra — Changing the name, putting up a new sign, and promoting “the 19th century mining town theme of the Grass Valley/Nevada City community” in no way improves the shopping experience in that area. Adding trees and shade structures, as well as improving pedestrian throughways, will absolutely increase the likelihood that I will spend my money in that shopping center.

Ralph Cutter — As long as I can get cheap cigs, cash a check, have my toenails trimmed, eat a bucket of fried frozen fish, and get the car broken into, all the while doing laundry, it’ll be the Kmart shopping Center.

Marty Souter — Also home of Cars and Coffee Grass Valley every Saturday morning from 7 to 10 in front of Daily Donuts.

Destiny Marie Dudley — Just like how they changed Circle K, locals will still call it the Kmart shopping center.

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