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On “Wildfire town hall meeting at the Rood Center”:

Allyn Carman — We need good old fashioned sirens (like they use in the Midwest for tornadoes).

Vickie Wilkerson — What about people that were going to be fined if they didn’t clean up their property and surrounding area?

Heidi Starr — Glad to see this happening. I hope there is an immediate plan for our community to begin practicing evacuation drills.

Adren Bradley — May I ask, what about properties that no one lives on where there’s acres not maintained?

Alison Elizabeth Roby — How about the fire department adding more personnel for preventative work?

Elsie Boozel Durgin — This is just part of our lack of infrastructure to support the increased population that the current new housing projects will bring to Nevada County.

Karen Mahoney — After Santa Rosa and then poor Paradise, they need to come up with a robust game plan should the worse happen here.

Rexanne Diehl — It just goes to show that “old school” works. A battery operated radio and an actual plug in phone. Great ideas.

On “Eagle Scout project restores Bitney Springs structure”:

Rachel Eakins — Many thanks to all involved! I always say thank you to Fred and Alice whenever I go enjoy the spring water.

Julia Frasu — Great idea; great job done!

Judy Rath — We used the water from Bitney Springs for many years. It’s a local treasure and I’m so glad Austin is caring for it. Thank you!

Dewayne Cable — Hooray, another Eagle Scout candidate from Troop 4, one of the oldest troops in the county.

Sean Novak — Awesome job! I smile every day when I drive by. Thank you Austin. Hats off to you sir.

On “Terry McAteer: Gone blue: The unique link between Nevada, Orange counties”:

Jason Kolb — Very recently my family and I relocated to NC from Newport Beach; both my wife and I are educated; however we differ greatly politically from our neighbors in Newport. This was the allure of NC — so we thought.

Greg Goodknight — I’ve suspected for some time that the apparent “blueing” effect of higher education has a lot to do with low quality academic work associated with education credentials, and the automatic raises a worker in K-12 qualifies for with *any* advanced degree whether or not it is related to their teaching duties or that it is academically solid.

Wes Hawkins — You honestly push for a sense of surprise that what comes out of our colleges and universities today has shifted from red to blue. It doesn’t surprise me at all when you look at the liberal ideology that’s purposely pushed throughout the higher levels of education that you would end up with someone that has that ideology.

Jon Landon — “Educational attainment” or indoctrination – many would argue!

Holly Mau — As a college student I can tell you they definitely lean towards indoctrination.

Russell Steele — The children are our future. But ultimately it really is all about STEM. For example, China, is expected to graduate “200 million students out of their universities — a very large percentage of which are STEM students,” Dugle notes. “Two hundred million is bigger than the entire U.S. workforce.”

On “Grass Valley WWII USS Arizona survivor unable to make trip to Pearl Harbor this year”:

Todd Juvinall — Sorry to see you can’t make it. My dad was in the Navy in the Pacific as well. But he passed in 1982. You are truly the greatest.

Roxana Hill — A true American Hero. Thank you, sir.

Darian Dryden — Thank you for your service. God bless you.

Judy Duncan — THANK YOU for your service.

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