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On “Coverage of 1st District congressional debate between Audrey Denney and Doug LaMalfa”:

Wendi August — Audrey is up to date with issues and has clearly done her research. Doug sounds like a typical politician.

Brice Robinson-Wasley — Legalizing cannabis federally just means that States get to decide if it’s legalized within their borders. I thought the GOP was in favor of States’ rights?

Heather Kingdon — I will vote for LaMalfa all the way. Red for me and my business! Enough of the blue sink hole. I used to be a Democrat for 37 years! The party has lost its credibility.

Bob McLaughlin — That is your right … But don’t come crying to me when the GOP guts Social Security and Medicare, so we can pay for the tax cuts to the 1 percenters. Look around, look at the homeless problem. We have been trying trickle-down economics since the ’80s and all it did was hollow-out the middle class.

Susan Walsh — Personal responsibility. If you turn it over to the government, folks, you aren’t going to like the outcome.

Kathy Gibbens — LaMalfa has taken millions in corporate welfare for his own family farm.

Cari Tamayo — She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I have nothing but praise for Social Security help. I was pleasantly surprised. Also universal health care did not work. We need to find a way to lower insurance costs, as LaMalfa said.

Don Loomis — Audrey Denny has my vote. It is amazing to hear LaMalfa talk about supporting the people over the corporations given the major source of his campaign donors.

Tracie Jarosh Krause — LaMalfa said in last night’s debate, he’ll only appear at town halls if the people don’t behave badly. Disagreement is civil discourse.

On “Nevada County Fair board ousts CEO Rea Callender”:

Patricia Murphy-hupp — I want to thank you for doing your best to keep the public informed regarding the CEO situation at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. I do understand that when you have personnel problems, plus the State, it isn’t easy to get the complete story. I hope you can keep digging to get the full story. Thanks for your effort.

On “Bear River High School tabs Lyman Gilmore’s Roberts as new principal”:

Ashley Edwards — Nooooo, we love Mr.Roberts! He is such a caring principal! That makes for a sad move for Lyman Gilmore!

Matt Anderson-Tocatlian — Glad they found a replacement for the person that left them hanging right before the school year started.

Rich Bodine — Does this also mean that Nevada Union High School will need a replacement for the varsity soccer coach position?

On “Grass Valley rehabs miles of sewers, hundreds of manholes”:

Craig Silberman — If the city ever undertakes such a project again, they should inform residents in advance of what to expect. Having one’s street obstructed or completely closed every two weeks for several months … is inconvenient and frustrating.

Elvis Pratt — Small price to pay for sewer not spilling on the streets. What would your response be then?

Thomas Storrs — Now the county’s Sanitation Dist #1 needs to do the same repairs to the LWW & LOP sewer collection systems.

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