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On “Terry McAteer — Dear Alison, Nevada County’s new CEO”:

Bill Tozer — Looking to government to fix all the problems in life has historically failed. But, give it your best shot.

Ricki Heck — Great Letter ! Go Alison – we are with you all the way.

Pauli Halstead — Great letter. We all wish Alison well in her position as Leader-in-Chief of Nevada County. I would only add housing to the list of large issues that need to be addressed. Godspeed Alison.

Barbara Warrell Jones — Ask many of the businesses if they are thriving or struggling because of the loss of income from the cannabis industry; they are struggling.

Russell Steele — Wishful thinking! Each of the County’s tribal councils and there are multiple have a different vision for Nevada County’s future. Until all those councils and their leaders share the same vision, Nevada County will continue to bob along in a downward spiral until there is a crisis that brings the collective community to its knees. Only then will the tribes come together and move Nevada County into the future. A charismatic leader with a plan is not enough, as the whole community needs to be on the same path to the future. Unfortunately, each tribe currently has a different vision for that future. Until that changes Nevada County’s economy will continue bobbing along, get used to the motion.

Jezra Sinistra — North Korea gets their “leadership” from an unelected official. We need our officials (elected and otherwise) to represent the citizens of Nevada County.

“A sure-fire way for businesses to flee Nevada County is to be perceived (real or imagined) as the new Emerald Triangle for marijuana cultivation. ” Typical prohibitionist fear mongering. Cannabis farming is no worse for our County than our local wine and craft-beer industries.

Addendum: Hey Alison, tech businesses need reliable broadband internet access, and tech workers need broadband internet access at home. Unfortunately, our elected officials don’t appear to see the value in broadband internet access.

On “49er Fire memories: Where were you 30 years ago today?”

Lee Bay — Waiting to load the cow. But they closed the road, so we stayed and dropped the fences. We lived on Rough and Ready Road. On 5 acres, the fire came at us on three sides, we did not burn nor did the cow. Praise God.

Carol Simpson Scofield — I was doing a live broadcast of the Constitution Day parade on Broad Street in Nevada City. We discontinued the KNCO broadcast and went back to the station and started our 24 hour a day broadcast of the fire. The most memorable event in my career. Was so proud to live in Nevada County … still am. Our community’s response to need was amazing.

Erin Milloy — I was 5 years old in my grandparents back yard in Rough and Ready. I remember watching the fire department in their helicopters get water from the pond before they evacuated us. I had no clue what was going on.

Jamaica Karr —It passed right through my yard, but the home was saved. Just before our forced evacuation, I remember looking at the tops of tall pine trees and the flames 40 feet above the tree tops formed a giant wall of fire.

Alice Boss — I was standing in front of National Hotel in a big crowd when we saw the huge rolling plume of smoke rising at top of Broad street. I believe it was the Constitution Day Parade and announcer told us to not go home if we lived in that area! I left for Roseville and could see it rising headed down 80.

Holly Greer — Watching Football with friends and family. Some of the family actually lived where the fire was so had to rush home to gather up for evacuation. We then actually took in a dog or two for families who needed help.

Janet Walsh — I lived off Owl Creek. We saw the first crews at the end of Jones Bar. Fire changed directions several times due to winds. My children & I evacuated for a week, while my husband, brother in law and neighbor stayed. Our house was spared, but others around us were not so fortunate.

Carol Bentley — My property 12 acres burned during the fire – the house was saved. My dad and stepmom lived here at the time (prior to inheritance of my childhood home). I came down after the fire and was amazed at what burned but also what did not burn on the 12 acres. Was in contact with my dad every day during this and was certainly a super scary time.

Scott Jonathan Metteauer — I was one of the few that had a cell phone back then, and a KNCO reporter found out that I had a cell phone and asked if I would drive her through the fire! We drove through the firelines with a press pass and it was absolutely crazy! We had fire on both sides of the car, but made it out OK! And reporting on the fire that helped many.

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