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On “DUI checkpoint in Grass Valley nets one arrest”:

Jeff Block —This is so frustrating … Obviously getting the DUI driver is great, however … 100 vehicles had to stop, citizens lives being interrupted, 97 of those people were completely legal, had done no wrong. I do not understand how a police officer cannot pull over a motorist without probable cause, unless they “pull over every motorist”? How is this not blatant disregard for our Fourth Amendment rights?

Beth Anderson Moorehead — My mother in law was hit by a drunk driver last Thursday on Highway 20. She’s OK, but her car is totaled. She now has to find a car to replace it. I’m just happy he didn’t kill her. I will gladly wait for an officer to check drivers on a holiday weekend.

Lisa Lippincott LaBarbera — Even getting one drunk driver off the road is worth it. Price of saving others lives by arresting them? Priceless.

Brock Bruner — DUI checkpoints are unconstitutional and illegal.

Lin Myers Jovanovic — And all it takes is one drunk driver not caught for the same people in this thread to bitch about where the police were. Maybe fewer people are drinking and driving because of continued policing.

Paul Racko — Sounds like a huge waste of taxpayer dollars to me.

Patti Lawrence — I am totally shocked that there weren’t more citations! Maybe they need to pick a better time to do it. Don’t the bars close at 2 a.m.?

On “A few days in the life of Grass Valley Air Attack Base firefighters”:

Barbara J Smith — Thank you so much from Banner Mountain folks. We feel safer knowing you’re just over the ridge.

Susann Grace — Nice report! Thank you for the education.

Bill Merchant — Great video. I miss the old planes. So loud they would make your guts vibrate if you watched them at the airport. Could hear them coming from miles away.

Kathy Hoyt — Great little movie. Very informative, satisfying photography, and real good voice to hear.

Terri Russell — Thank you is not enough but it is said with a grateful heart for what you do … be safe up there.

Chris Christensen — So happy we have such a good service protecting us!

On “George Boardman: I hope you’re prosperous enough to enjoy Labor Day holiday”:

Mike Russo — I am, by no means, a wealthy man. This year has been absolutely incredible for growth in my business. Yes, I work a lot of hours, more than anyone I know, but you have to embrace the grind if you’re going to excel. You also need to separate income from people with terrible financial skills. Forty percent of Americans have to decide what bills to pay because 70 percent of that demographic make terrible financial choices and don’t live within their means.

Rick Cooper — There are so many jobs that we can each have two or three to make ends meet. MAGA!

Durinda Kelley — Nothing wrong with work. And as to increases in minimum wage, you’ll pull a great many jobs away from teens.

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