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On “Don Rogers – The Church of Trump”:

Jim Richards — According to Mr. Trump YOU (the press) are the enemy of the people. What you say about him is false and you do this to flaunt and interfere with his work. Never mind the petty tantrum of refusing to lower the flag for Senator McCain, or the separation of babies from their moms, or the way he treated women, or the way he used apparently illegal means to pay off women from speaking about his sexual abuse before the 2016 election, or his bromance with Putin. Never in my lifetime has a President told so many demonstrable lies.

Todd Juvinall — That is quite the spanking for Trump and it cracks me up. Trump is no angel and we did not elect a pastor to run America. We elected a CEO and sometimes these hard driving people cross the line on etiquette and manners. The embrace of him by the evangelicals is in my view because they want a man who makes things happen in their favor for once. If you had criticized the media, TV shows and the culture in general for their portrayal of Christians as they do I could say you are a balanced critic. But it appears white Christian men are the last group that can be mocked without blowback.

John Zimmerman —Yes, those poor pitiful picked on white Christian males. Discriminated against at every turn, denied opportunity and success for eons. Just look around you, how many white Christian males do you see as CEOs? On TV? In positions of power? In the upper echelons of wealth and success? There is your proof of Todd’s theory of the put-upon white male. And just like Trump, it is transparently false and delusional.

Rich Howell —Republicans and evangelicals have lost all credibility in their support for a man who mocks their traditional values. They’ve made a deal with the devil to get what they want – favorable Supreme Court nominations and raw power to advance a corporate agenda. Their short-term win is a huge loss for and to future generations.

On “Organic farmer pushes county’s water district to reduce herbicide use”:

Donnie Bailey — I wish NID would pipeline all they’re canals … So they won’t have any open canal. The men and women at NID work hard every day. Then they have to deal with stuff like this.

Denise Martin — Think about all the wildlife who depend on the open canals before you say that.

Jezra Sinistra — “The water district … has determined that its aquatic herbicides are safe.” How about getting that verified by an independent third party? In other news, Monsanto has determined that Round-Up is completely safe, and the fossil fuel industry has stated that lead based fuels are completely harmless.

Josh Hunter — The actual facts are that NID’s pesticide use is regulated currently by the local Ag Commissioner, the California Dept of Pesticide Regulation, and the Regional Water Quality Control Board. NID is mandated to conduct pesticide residue sampling for all aquatic chemical applications. NID is also in the midst of a sophisticated organic herbicide trial to determine if there is an effective alternative to glyphosate.

Monica Senter Laughter — Hurray for this! We have a growing organic farm industry in this county, NID needs to consider the needs of farmers doing organic farming. If you look at the latest county ag report, this is the only growing ag industry in the county, and with the county’s intention to allow only medical cannabis cultivation, NID needs to consider this as well. This an ag county, let’s start acting like it.

Sheri Ross Fogarty — Roundup is now listed as a carcinogen in California and by the World Health Organization. We should not be using it in our water or along the canals. Goats are a great local option.

On “Public meeting to discuss Dignity Health, Catholic Health Initiatives set”:

Ralph Cutter — Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives have a combined operating revenue of $23 billion tax free. Who needs an offshore account when you can hide behind the church?

Anita Gaylord Dall — Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital service has gone downhill and is understaffed since Dignity took over. Doesn’t have a good reputation, with lots of folks opting to go out of county for ER and surgery.

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