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On “Nevada City, Grass Valley hope to salvage future from Consolidated’s ‘big flip’ on shared fire services”:

Lisa Lippincott LaBarbera — One word: Grueneberg. Could not stand being forced to sit on the sidelines, so once again he bullies through his personal agenda. Unfortunately, Nevada County gets what it deserves by continuing to be apathetic and burying its head in the sand. People should have run for the board to oust this/these “bad ‘ol boys”.

“On 2-year ban placed on public access to old Emigrant Trail route”:

Gary Watts — just more Gov-Ment keeping the public from the public lands.

On “BOS chair’s rebuttal lacks any supporting data”:

Greg Zaller— Paul, Apparently you put a lot of work into your report but so far you have not disclosed what your assumptions were with the data in order to have drawn the conclusion that you did. Your report should have been made public in its entirety if it was to have the credibility that you assume. Obviously, Nate Beason does not agree with your assumptions or your data, and this letter could only hurt your cause. Move on or get it together.

Martin Webb — Why no criticism of Nate Beason’s economic study, which consisted of…um…nothing…no effort…no outreach…no data…no assumptions…no analysis…nothing.

On Measure S issue:

Todd Taylor — Let’s move back to Measure S and kids. Is this about a shortage of Medical Pot? It does not appear so.

From my reading of Measure S you want to change the law to make it easier to grow more pot. i.e., less fencing requirements, larger collectives, terracing to expand the possible growing area in a hilly environment, adjustment to policing of Pot growing areas, adjusting the rules from square footage to number of plants etc.

What I do not see here is a need to change the law? Other than the current law makes it harder, but not impossible, for someone to grow pot.

Is there a shortage of “Medical Marijuana” in the dispensaries? Are people being forced to go without their medicinal pot?

Or is this a ballot measure to incremental expand pot growing when that avenue was denied by the duly elected?

There will be unintended consequences of this change. They may be positive, they may be negative, but as the social experiment plays out in Colorado and Washington wouldn’t it be wise to watch and learn how this experiment plays out on a large scale before following along?

On “Nevada County artist creates intricate beach designs”:

E Christina Dabis-Appleby — Here’s a lesson for everyone: If it is FUN then it should be your passion. Successful people enjoy what they do; to them, it is fun! Yes, money follows fun. Never do something because of monetary profit because that is a “job”. Follow your passion, have fun, then the money will follow. Thank you Amador for sharing your “fun” with us. It is beautiful!!!

On “NY Times: Efforts revive rich California (San Juan Ridge) mine hit strong resistance”:

Michael A Bozarth — I’m from Nevada City, I now live and work in Nevada at a gold mine. I think part of the problem is that people associate today’s mining with the terrible mess the old timers left. Well today’s mining is nothing like it. Its well regulated and the company’s work hard to support the local communities and protect the environment. They provide quality high paying jobs to local people. It seems silly to me that the people so against mining are posting their negative comments from phones and computers made entirely from mined materials.

Sarah Alderson — One of the reasons I left Grass Valley…too many outsiders coming in changing things…I am a native of Nevada Co. 4th generation proud of my mining family heritage in the Empire and North Star mines.. I was just down there this spring and I can say jobs are very needed there.. and you’re right Michael A Bozarth mining isn’t like it used to be….a lot safer a lot cleaner

Karen Markulis — Well said Sarah, they rather have the pot growing/trimming jobs. I say let’s get to mining again, our community needs it. Sierra Fund is receiving millions in grant money to stop it. They profit while we suffer.

Amanda Williams — NO, they do not need to reopen!

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