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On “Without school lunches, many parents have hard time feeding children during summer”:

Maria Sanborn —We always made our kids lunches. We were poor in those days. We would go into the fields pick wild flowers behind our house in Trabuco Canyon, dried them, made arrangements to sell at swap meet, so we could buy food. We never took any assistance from any one. I understand some people have to, but we were young and strong and had the drive. I believe those times made us what we are today.

Celine Adrianna Negrete — Times are different now. It is much more difficult to make ends meet. In the past, many families could get by with one income (as my parents did). It is almost impossible to do that now and it is very rare in Nevada County to be able to do that. No child should go hungry.

Cristina Bodde —It definitely helps to make wise food choices, and to know how to cook! Pre-packaged foods are expensive & bad for you … real, fresh food is cheaper, filling and goes a long way. Knowing how to utilize food, or make something out of nothing, now that’s magic!

Sara Wagner — I see a lot of lunches come that are full of prepackaged food (even the main food!) All are expensive! In my house we call anything not fresh or anything that comes in a package, treats … not food. Perhaps a class offered on meal planning and preparing would be beneficial.

Jennifer Olson — All the comments are complaining about the quality of the food? How much fresh food have you donated to hungry children in our community? I think you totally missed the point here.

On “Metal artist’s Nevada City home reflects creative spirit, inside and out”:

Kelly Lynch — Thank you for painting your house such fun colors. I smile every time I drive by, which is often as I live farther up the hill from you. I love it!

Bob Sanchez Jr. — It looks something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

Bev Gordon — Wow! I’m pretty surprised the Nevada City Planning Commission allowed these colors on this house, which is located in the Downtown Historical District. These colors are very “non-Historical”. No other residence in Nevada City has been allowed such remarkable paint.

Donna Natali — I highly suspect this property is outside the purview of the planning commission or it would have never been painted those colors.

On “Bob Hren – Who is the traitor?”

Aaron Hawkins — The author seems to have forgotten that Obama launched a probe into Russian interference in American politics, and Trump has done all that he can to bury it. So yeah, posturing is great, but Trump’s fear of exposure is almost palpable.

CJ Kasper— Thanks for saying what needed to be said. Some people will never get it. Denial is a strong force. I’d like to know how their portfolios are doing under Trump. It’s a pleasure reading some facts for a change.

Cheryl Cook — Sadly, it is this president who has promulgated the “shameful exercise in misinformation and hyperbole”. Everyday. In his tweets. In his conspiracy theories. In his rally speeches. It is the work of American journalists to ask the difficult questions when important issues come to light.

John Young — Nicely written Bob. I’ve been scratching my head from the second people started calling Trump treasonous. The President is promoting an America First agenda and it just doesn’t seem to be enough with regards to his detractors. I don’t get it.

Jezra Sinistra — Three references to “the media” as a guilty party in a possibly traitorous affair. Mr Hren appears to be unaware that corporate media is in business to make money, and “the media” answers to those that provide the money, regardless of political affiliation.

Alan Rasmussen — Shut the TV off and stop reading the newspaper so much. Filter out the BS and make a opinion based on what you feel is right. Don’t be told what is right or wrong or what to think by any of them.

Rich Howell — Most Americans don’t have portfolios. Way too many, due to low wages, part-time hours, and no medical coverage don’t even have homes. Even Wal-Mart employees, not freeloaders at all, need government programs to make ends meet. Those are facts too.

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