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On “George Boardman – Bright Fiber, Verizon show what happens when leadership is lacking”:

Brad Croul — If you walk around downtown and check your phone for wifi access points you will see a list showing the access points in your vicinity. Some are open requiring no passwords but many are locked … Most new wifi router/access points come with the capability to create a second “open” public wifi access point you can connect to without a password that is separate from the “private” network of the equipment owner.

Bob Burk — Junk science? It would seem George may be a big fan of the junk science published by companies for their own financial welfare. We don’t know the real dangers of 5G technology yet, but the science published to date is cause for concern. This concern led more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries to recommend a temporary ban on the roll-out of 5G technology in the Eurpean Union until its potential hazards … have been fully evaluated.

Russell Steele — You are right on it is a leadership issue across the board at the Rood Center and at the ERC. The ERC did a survey and listed economic development issues and ask survey takers to rank the problem. Lack of broadband was not on the list. During an upgrade to the General Plan, an initial review found no mention of broadband as an economic development tool.

Gerry Gates — This story has been repeated in many of our District 1 counties. When it comes to building for the future, leadership and vision are sadly lacking. Sierra County, Plumas County, Nevada County; they all lack the infrastructure that is needed to build new commerce. Our supervisors, our representatives and our council members are letting us and our children down.

On “Nevada City OK’s 5 new cannabis business permits”:

Allan Krosner — Sure can tell where their head is at. They turned down building new cell towers.

Ralph Cutter — Nevada City has many more important things on their agenda than supporting local business or preventing transient campfires in the forest. String Christmas lights. Ban cell towers, smart meters, chem trails, vaccines. Chastise the police department.

Jezra Sinistra — Creating businesses and jobs based around a renewable local agricultural product is a good way to bring money into our county. It is unfortunate though that the new businesses won’t be able to tap into the multi-billion dollar recreational market.

John Huggins — Really? Local opposition can keep out Dollar General and Trader Joe’s and safe microcellular infrastructure but not 12 cannabis businesses in a village of 2,500?

On “Plans to close Nevada City’s Commercial Street explored”:

David Anglin — If you eliminate parking in Nevada City, you’ll probably attract more people without cars, ie. the homeless. If you want to attract more tourism and commerce, you would enhance that experience ie. improve parking and access …

Bethany Celio — Actually, Nevada City is working on the Park Easy Program, which will add 154 new spots in town in two years! Pedestrianizing Commercial Street would only lose a few spots, while maximizing the potential of that space for people as a community gathering place.

Andy Spurlock — Be careful of what you are putting there and why. If you have not taken proactive steps with your homeless, then you are just setting up a camp for them.

Mike Meals — NO – Absolutely Not – It’s a historical passage way, needed for both commerce and parking. Get rid of the boardwalk and stop trying to change our community into the one you left and move back there.

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