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On Race Communications acquiring Spiral’s Bright Fiber Network:

David White — “Paul said the state funds remain intact, as do the $119 payments people made for their first month’s service. He dismissed rumors that any funds were misappropriated.” This could easily be resolved by John Paul providing bank statements for the past 6 months for the account that sign-up funds are being held in.

Robb Cadzow — I’d like to know how much John Paul and the rest at Spiral have been paid out of the grant funding? I assume they aren’t working for free?

Joe Stone — With 250 pre-orders at $119/each, that’s less than $30k, and the grant is supposedly not touched yet. Given the lack of transparency we pre-order customers have experienced so-far though, I have my doubts. And wait a sec – if Race is acquiring Bright Fiber, but there are no customers yet, what are they acquiring? What are the owners walking away with if all they’ve done is sell us empty promises of service “coming soon” and no actual service?

Lynn Samuels — Fat cats fighting at the tax money trough? How are you going to run fiber in a spread out county like Nevada County, with its topography? AT&T couldn’t even run decent phone lines to provide DSL to many areas still part of Nevada City. Thank goodness for “we are doing it” people at Smarter Broadband. Give them the $$ please. They have a track record.

Julie Stephens — Lynn, thank you for the compliment you have given to us over here at SmarterBroadband. We are the local company that really works hard for our customers like you. You are a gem, thank you again.

Paul Sweeney — I would like to see a list of Spiral/Bright Fiber’s accomplishments. From what is stated, they have been working on bringing internet capability to our area for 12 years with nothing more than an occasional announcement that says they are working on it.

Cathy Froom Jones Johnston — I hope this doesn’t change anything for those of us who have made a financial commitment to Spiral for our rural high speed.

On ‘Families belong together rally’:

Teresa Undercoffer Walker — All people of every nation can come here legally, there is a process. Get in line with those who have followed the correct path of citizenship.

Joan Parkan — Can’t imagine what conditions lead them to travel a harrowing journey seeking help, and then having their children stripped away — so cruel.

Matt Johnson — You do know that there are consulates in Mexico where they can apply for asylum in the U.S. don’t you? This is an orchestrated and funded mass migration push for the border. Plain and simple. It’s been happening for years. Follow our laws and the legal process.

Barbara Schneider — Why do you call it Trump’s policy? This has been in place with Clinton and Obama, this is a Hate Trump event Congress needs to get to work and change the way it’s written. Following the policies and laws should be No. 1. Immigrants built our great nation, but illegals have destroyed it. Not all illegals are bad, but they have committed a crime coming here and staying here.

Itara O’Connell —Hundreds of protestors “sharing many different ideologies.” No, there were two ideologies —500-800 people said “we want humane treatment of people who arrive at the border seeking asylum, and those who have crossed the border illegally” and the other ideology, clearly the minority-35-50, supporting the president’s brutal “zero tolerance” policy. It’s interesting that The Union picked the minority voice as the lead photograph, perhaps wanting to indicate that the groups were equal in size?

Jeffrey Gottesman —The Union missed the mark reporting this demonstration. We counted, and 90 percent of the protesters were against family separation and the Trump immigration policies. Ten percent counter-protesters.

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