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On “Confederate flag not welcome at North San Juan’s Cherry Festival”:

Todd Juvinall — OMG! People are afraid of a flag! Our parents are laughing at us from the grave.

Bobby Bronson — Censorship sucks in any way shape or form. American people this is your (right) to freedom of speech, land of the free regardless of what you say — or maybe they should call it American’t do that because I don’t like it.

Cindi Highley — If you can fly a rainbow flag or a flag from another country … this is the land of the free … I say fly it, Fly it high, fly it proud.

Debra Christenson — The Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery and hate. That shouldn’t be important.

Kimber Schrader — WELL DONE! Families need to feel safe.

Christine Farrell-Stancil — That flag has no business flying here in California.

Patrick Hurley — The Confederate flag represents enslavement to many African Americans who have been experiencing discrimination. Seeing that flag does not feel good to them. Out of respect to our African American neighbors this Irish America would ask that flag be put away.

David Gregory — As an Irish American myself I say do not put the Confederate flag away. It should be flown proudly! There were Irish Confederates too! Respect their honor and sacrifice. Fly the flag!

James A. Helling Jr. — I’ll bet over half if not all the occupants on that float don’t even know what that flag might represent to some and the people upset about it don’t know the true meaning of the flags design and color therefore it’s mostly meaningless.

Steven Byrd Leister — Also you don’t have to be from the South to be a rebel! The flag means different things to different people does not always represent hate and slavery.

Stephanie Rose — What is the point of flying the Confederate flag? What does it mean to you and what message are you trying to convey by flying this flag? Asking an honest question

Eff Norkinhardie — It means absolute nothing to anyone from this state. People are just trying to push buttons, without thinking.

David Gregory — Honoring the sacrifice and remembering the Confederate soldiers who fought. It was a battle flag used by the troops on the battlefield.

Celine Adrianna Negrete — David Gregory, do you know what the confederate were fighting for?

David Gregory — Celine Adrianna Negrete, yes I do.

On “Tom Coleman, former owner of National Hotel, dies”:

James Clark King — A true gentleman…Western history buff and a good friend! God Bless him!

Joseph Downing — I worked for Tom in the ’90s … He was always fair … I love you Ernie … My condolences..

Karen Marinovich — Tom gave me such a hard time when we were on the Chamber board together! I quickly learned that he liked to try to get under people’s skin – he was a master at it — we laughed at and teased each other for two years! I really appreciated and loved that man!!

Jeff Daugh — My first job was working for Tom at the National Hotel washing dishes as a kid in the late ’70s.

B Douglas Jensen — Tom – sigh. As am employee of yours – bartending for you in 1981 and doing karaoke in 2009 – I totally enjoyed working for you and you were ever so supportive. I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to see you this past year. Ernie: I love you and hope to see you on the 14th! Tom was a very good man

Ron Sampson — Knew him only in passing since moving to Nevada City awhile back but enjoyed his sense of humor. Always appreciated that he kept the National Hotel original and a community treasure. He will be missed.

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