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On “Grass Valley Police: Number of out-of-town panhandlers increasing”:

Charles Lang — The police should be neutral when behavior is legal! And much of this panhandling is legal! Kimbrough’s comment about “heartstrings” is out of line! Police are hired to enforce laws for everyone, including treating out of town people and homeless with some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as the song goes. The people who are asked for money are free to say “no”, and the police don’t need to baby them, to be obsequious to the local snobs who want to own the streets like their backyards, sweep away the homeless, the young, the travelers, and foreigners. Let us sweep out the anti-outsider bigotry that infects this town!

Max Roberts — Meanwhile the community does everything they can to encourage panhandlers, bums and chronic homeless including one school hosting a “day in the life of the homeless” program to teach their children myths of homelessness. I’ll be willing to bet it didn’t cover panhandling, drinking and drug abuse, fighting, theft and other socially unacceptable public behavior.

Lisa Bearden-Trisler — If you don’t take care of yourself first, you can’t take care of others. First thing a counselor will tell a client. … Are we really helping or enabling? Hence the rock bottom idea. So they use children or animals.

Gary Watts — Bus them to LA

Charlene Magliocca-Lorenz —Yes that should take care of it! Smh! The homeless has gone up in numbers in LA too!

Rene’ Roberson —Someone approached me for money in Burger King the other day. He ask for gas money to drive to Roseville. I doubt he owned a car. I said no.

Barbara Schneider — There’s many places in Nevada and Placer counties that they can go to for help with food and shelter. Don’t give them money.

Dave Jessee — Allow it and they will come.

Angela Watson — Find out where they came from and put on a bus with a one way ticket home.

Glory Dawn Abuzeide — Because asking for help is so wrong …

On “Nevada County prosecutors seek to seek life in prison without parole in Sean Bryant murder case”:

Carlos Ortega — Really no death penalty? The prosecutor believes life without parole is sufficient? That is disgusting, as I’m sure if we ever get the details on how the murder occurred, instant death would be the only appropriate punishment!

Matt Johnson — So the DA up for election doesn’t seek the death penalty on this horrendously unspeakable crime? I hope a lot of people see this and vote him out.

Cora Adair — When are they going to have the results on who those bones belong to?

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