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On “George Boardman – Will it be business as usual with new sheriff?”

Kathy Lamson Liebenberg — Am again repeating Chief Foster’s (would like to call him Sheriff Foster!!) words to me recently in response to a question about our family’s firsthand experience of the lack of proper investigative skills of Sheriff Detectives: “I understand the importance of proper training, policy and supervision of all law enforcement professionals. I believe the current sheriff and his administration has provided a disservice to the residents of Nevada County. This is why I want to be your next sheriff.”

John Mon Père — Current cop/sergeant here. I personally support both John Foster for Sheriff and Glenn Jennings for District Attorney. The Truckee Police Officers’ Association has also endorsed both of these candidates. All I want is competency and integrity. I am concerned the current leadership in these agencies is lacking in both.

Billie Jean Wilkinson-Edwards — This community would be wise to ensure they inform themselves on the recent history of the Sheriffs Office. If you are a candidate that served under the current leadership you need to ensure there are no skeletons in your closet. My vote is for John Foster, unless Moon and Smethers can prove they have a clean plate.

Pauli Halstead — Yep! I concur. We need two new faces, John Foster for Sheriff and Glenn Jennings for DA. Integrity, transparency and accountability. If we elect Smethers or Moon it will be more business as usual.

Charles Tim Gore —Nope you are wrong; and Foster third, Moon second and Smethers first, as he has field experience. Would you hire a general contractor that was a desk jockey? That’s what you got with Foster and Moon. Foster is a failure and his staff do as they wish.

Sandra Boyd — Excellent article … when I worked in Nevada County Children’s Services, I worked with all law enforcement. John Foster was excellent with regard to working with the community to link a safety net for our most venerable, disenfranchised Nevada County children. That is in addition to GVPD’s response to any and all emergencies. I have been volunteering with his campaign for the past year as I believe this is what my community and hometown need for a safe future.

Donald Frazer — Another good question is that of double dipping. Is Foster collecting retirement? If elected will he be collecting both retirement and a healthy salary? Both of which contain public funds by the way. What will the situation be with Smethers or Moon?

Patty Lynn — What does that have to do with having decent leadership in the office of sheriff, and as well as the DA’s office, for that matter? Can you tell us Donald?

Michael Hooker — Donald, yes, Chief Foster is currently receiving a CalPERS retirement. If elected and he works over 960 hours per year (a given in this situation), he will not receive CalPERS retirement, until he retires again (This is pursuant to CalPERS rules).

Todd Juvinall — Nothing new in this article. And nothing that leads me to believe there is a systemic problem. Everyone makes mistakes and it appears to me these mistakes were rectified and repaired. Defense attorneys are always looking to get their clients out of trouble and they allege anything and everything.

Mike Healy — I was curious about the timetable given that both of the internal candidates (Moon and Smethers) spoke of the leadership they provided to the drug task force and the jail during these events that put the county in a less than flattering light. Needless to say this Sheriff’s Office, especially the hard-working employees, deserve leadership not tainted by events of the past which is why I will be casting a vote for John Foster.

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