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On “County looks to change animal shelter operations, not renew contract with Sammie’s Friends:”

Anthony Scarafiotti — So Nevada County shoves off their responsibility to Placer County? When a very successful, convenient, and long-standing operation is in place? So our residents will now have to deal with another county for animal issues, adoptions, and unfortunate but sometimes necessary surrenders that should be in the county they live in?

Donna Natali — Sammie’s Friends is a part of the fabric of our community. Cheryl Wicks and her many associates have created an environment worthy of the furry ones amongst us who have nowhere to go and the opportunity for Nevada County resident to find that missing part of their families, a pet.

Mika Bear — Sammie’s Friends has set an outstanding example for shelter care. They create a loving well-cared for environment and brought the euthanasia record down from nearly 70 percent to under 1 percent! As well, they contribute a lot of self stimulated donations through grants, thrift shop, community support, etc. Why in the world would officials not approve a continued contract?

Savannah Morrison — I will not vote for anyone who supports this change. Sammie’s Friends is doing an amazing job and this is how you reward them. Shame on you. Our community is united. We will not allow you to do this!

Graham Krause —Any elected official that is OK with this will be skidding on the pavement the next time their seat comes up for election. I hope they know this.

Dawn Diego — And some of those seats are up for grabs this June!

Leah Courant — I don’t think this is a good decision for Nevada County’s at-risk domestic animal population. Cheryl and Sammie’s Friends, and their work at the shelter these past few years, have made such a positive difference in the welfare of our homeless and abandoned pets. We cannot let this decision stand.

Charisse Lolli — Anybody else remember how disgusting the Nevada County animal shelter used to be before Sammie’s Friends was formed? Welcome back.

Denise Grayson — We need to stand together to prevent this from happening.

Heather Thompson — The Government always tends to underestimate costs and ends up spending lots more money than what a private company would spend. Best to keep Sammie’s Friends.

Laura M. Greenfield — I don’t live in Grass Valley, but it would be a travesty to not have Sammie’s Friends continue to manage the shelter. They have done, and continue to do, amazing work.

Amelia Gough — Do any of the sheriff (candidates) who are running want Sammie’s to stay? That could change my vote!

Jennifer S. Greenfield — Sammie’s Friends has provided a wonderful service to our community. Their dedicated employees and volunteers provide needed services for the shelter animals and the adoption process is truly important.

Victoria Ongie — A travesty! Horrible decision, Sammie’s Friends is an important part of this county; whoever made this decision should be ashamed.

Gayle Wheeler — The real question here is, will it remain a no kill facility? I am not real happy to hear this.

Amelia Gough — Agreed! I hope they don’t kill the animals under new ownership.

Michelle Cowen — Changes definitely can be made to improve the current program however turning over our hundreds of thousands of dollars to another county should not be the answer. The county and Sammie’s Friends should be negotiating for improvements of the contract.

Bonnie Taylor — What the heck is going on? Is the County going to do a better job at placing dogs and cats than Sammie’s Friends? A cost reduction plan?

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