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On “Longtime coach Gary Sharpe to be inducted into Nevada Union Hall of Fame”:

Jarett Roenicke — That is some unbelievable coaching! 97 league wins in a row! Wow!

Tyler Formslag — Great man. Taught me a lot.

Rhoda Blankenship — Gary Sharpe. well deserved. Randy and I are so sad that we can’t attend your celebration. We will be in Paris celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. Congrats to both you and Sue.

MikeCyndi Ray— Gary, way to go! NU frosh championship season was ’75, my first year at The Union!

Andy Spurlock — I was probably the world’s worst placekicker for Mr. Sharpe in ’78 JV football. Not only did kids grow under Gary but Gary grew as well. He was an assistant under Don Flath for a while but once he was able to lead from the ’80s onward, and had the focus of a singular offensive scheme, he was a machine. Kudos to you, Gary, and I will see you at the HOF dinner.

James Black — Outstanding memories of a great coach and the success of the young men he and his staff coached. A stellar coach and human being. He built a winning attitude within his players that led to college scholarships and success in their lives as adults. Our community young men thrived during Coach Sharp’s leadership.

On “Sheriff’s Deputy Mackey addresses allegations of dishonesty in court”:

Heather Thompson — This is exactly why Nevada County needs a new District Attorney and Sheriff. A Sheriff’s Deputy making a “mistake” and then blaming it on inexperience, stress in his new position, and personal problems at home should not be tolerated. Mackey is the person that made the mistake by having the incorrect document and asking Glenn Jennings to dismiss the case. Best to look at who was in charge of the DA’s office and the resulting closure of the internal investigation of this matter by Newell.

Kael Newton — He actually didn’t make a mistake, as the signed warrant submitted to the court shows (this information is contained within the article you are commenting on). Former ADA Jennings could have, and should have, consulted with the deputy and the judge, as would be common practice for any deputy district attorney. Had Jennings done so, this matter would have been resolved in 2015.

Eric Smith — He made a mistake. Have you ever made a mistake? I know I have. Yeah, let’s elect the guy who couldn’t figure out how to deal with this issue, leaving it for others after him to deal with. I’m good off that.

Erin Herrera — It’s sad that those attorneys have the power to upset a good mans life and career in such a way without accountability just to get some (defendants) out of drug charges.

Mark Heltsley — I have worked with Sheriff Royal, Executive Lieutenant Smethers, and many of the deputies (not paid). This is my community and law enforcement is extremely important to me, my family and friends. What I can say with certainty is we are blessed to have the finest men and women serving us every minute of the day.

On “Our View: Take the time to become an informed voter”:

Marc Peterson —Democrats and Republicans are fed by the same corporate monster. Until we quit supporting these puppets nothing will ever change!

Jezra Sinistra — … and if the people vote in a way that is not in alignment with the bias of elected officials, your vote means nothing and will be ignored.

Larry Carlton Taliaferro — And if you want any kind of progress here in California absolutely do not elect any more Democrats. It’s time to take our state back and elect some conservative Republicans into office.

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