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On “No easy answers in Nevada County affordable housing dilemma”:

Steven Harding —Well the last development was over $400,000 And they posted a sign for them on I-80. So guess that didn’t help the locals, now did it?

Nichole Jackson — Build? Try to find affordable housing —gouging hard-working people because they can! It’s disgusting!

Greg Zaller — If I was at this meeting, I would have asked Brian Foss what I ask him in private, and what he has no good answer for, “Why is it taking you so long to develop truly affordable housing policies?” It is possible today to write policies with existing laws allowing affordable housing on existing developed parcels for as low as $50,000 total cost. These are called accessory dwelling units, and the state, recognizing the housing crisis, is doing everything possible to encourage them.

Todd Juvinall — NIMBYs rule in California. All political. Density is the only way to make it work and no one will allow an increase. Good luck.

On “Witness – No problems exist with warrant; prosecutor calls court development ‘huge’”:

Ollie Gnoppy — We need new blood in these offices. Does anyone actually feel safer after 12 years with Royal and Newell? This is the worst crime I’ve seen since I’ve lived here. Nine murders in 2016 and 2017 and already 2 this year. Glenn Jennings for DA please!

Rebecca Strom — I’ve never felt this unsafe in Nevada County! Change starts at the ballot box.

Thomas Wilkes — So you’re telling me the Assistant District Attorney didn’t bother looking at the court’s file before doing four weeks of hearings? Seriously? Not the level of competence I’m looking for from the DA’s office. Glenn Jennings will bring some actual experience to that office.

Jan Maxey Collins — There’s an awful lot of smoke in the Sheriff’s office and the DA’s office regarding Mackey and other DA’s and Sheriffs not to be some fire. Even if there is no fire the smoke will choke you. Time to clean house, start fresh and see what happens then.

Rob Wunderlich — Or you could view it as the sour grapes of a former employee trying to find some way to win an election. Cliff Newell is a strong manager who has served the County well. How about a candidate who can enumerate the positive things they would bring to the job instead of rehashing a dispute with their former boss?

Tony Loro — Do you totally dismiss the implications of this. Newell covered up. He will protect the Sheriff’s Office deputies from anything by lying.

On “Group asks Nevada County Fair Board to nix Friends of NRA fundraiser”:

Bonnie Nicholls — Some people in this community are proud members of the NRA. They should be respected as well.

Rachel James — It’s not disrespectful to voice an opinion. That’s different from yours. If you don’t agree, you don’t have to.

Cameo Thompson — Speaking is one thing. Trying to cancel an event because your views are different than someone else’s is called control, not speech.

Tim Pieracci — Doesn’t anyone respect the Constitution anymore? Let them have the fundraiser. You people need something to do to keep you busy.

Brittany Blaz — I would like this meeting to be continued and opened to the community! The Nevada County Fair should listen to all sides of this topic. I promise attendance will be very low if they “nix” this fundraiser … Don’t forget the residential base of Nevada County and the customer base of those that attend the fair.

Jeanne Berryman Aldrich Ogle — Can’t pick and choose who to give rights to, think!

Sandra Copher — I am a true Nevada County woman. Born here. Leave my rights alone! If you don’t want to protect yourself and family with guns, who am I to take that right away from you?

David Albertson —20 residents oppose? There are a lot more than 20 residents in Nevada County! I’ll bet the rest of us have something to say.

E Christina Dabis-Appleby — It amazes me why people move here. When they do, they say it is wonderful here and it is so nice. Then, they want to have a Trader Joe’s and they begin to point out our customs as unacceptable and they belittle us. Did they not see that we are the ones who made this place great?

Zebanah Sweesy — I support people’s right to bear arms. On the other hand, the NRA has a lot of capital, power, and influence in this county. Especially when it comes creating and shaping gun policy.

Matt Johnson — I support the Second Amendment and these few do not speak for the vast majority that supports the 2nd as well. Don’t like it? Don’t go.

Kay Carrillo Drake — I think the majority of people respect the Second Amendment but not the NRA. There’s a huge difference between the two.

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