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On “Nevada County students participate in National School Walkout”:

Mary K. Greer — I am shocked by the number of people who seem to hate our youth and who think teenagers are mindless idiots. Go kids! You are great.

Kendra Foss — I don’t think those with opposing views hate the children (way to twist that around) but more disappointed at the “Adults” in the matter.

Cathy Wilkins Hart — Nobody hates our youth. And it is bullying like that that causes problems. Let children be children.

Eric Christen — But not “great” enough to own a gun until they are 21? You folks need to make up your mind.

Chris Pink — Supporting children walking out of their schools for policies and arguments they have no clue too other than their parents who brain wash

Jim Casci — I wish instead of this they would have taken this time to get to know each other better, maybe take a shy or bullied kid in conversation.

Makala Clinton — Peaceful schools is of course what everyone wants but having kids out in the cold walking instead of in class learning is not the answer.

Jezra Sinistra — How dare they exercise their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and petition the Government for redress of grievance! Shame on them all!

Suzanne Braun —Sad that parents are letting the liberal left use their children as pawns … which Amendment will be next?

On “Despite storms, no warming shelter will open in Nevada City this week”:

Sara Daugherty —One line stood out to me, “we’ve been doing this for seven years and nobody cared, now all of a sudden they care.” I sure hope that’s not being used as a defensive remark … Sierra Roots should be happy people are starting to care about their cause. Maybe through the people who are starting to care, they will get more funding.

Matt Wright — Where are all the people that say we need to do anything we can to help? Why not donate your time and money to help them if that’s what you think is going to work.

Debbie Bitle — It sounds like someone should look up their job description.

Debra Corrieri Adams — Do you need blankets? I have pillows I don’t want. Can I drop them somewhere?

On “Nevada County supervisors give final approval to Dollar General store in Alta Sierra”:

Gayle Wheeler — They will not get a single cent from me or my family. … Just an FYI to the BOS: I vote. See ya and thanks for not listening to your constituents, we will return the favor.

Gina Torvinen — How much do you spend at the market that is there now? I personally appreciate the Dollar General.

Gary Watts — And yet they won’t approve a Walmart? Face it folks, Kmart is circling the drain and when they go there will be nothing.

Melanie Marsico — Right. So then everyone will drive down the hill to buy stuff and the “buy local” people wonder why our sales tax is spent elsewhere.

Matthew Aguilera — You cannot stop expansion. Plus shopping at Dollar General is so much cheaper than some of these stores in town and their overpriced items.

Adora McNeil — Since when did the BOS respect property rights? Oh yeah, when there are taxes to collect.

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