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On “Darrell Berkheimer – A root cause of mass shootings considered”:

Cheryl Cook — “I do not believe that an AK 47 is needed for a sporting weapon or for defense of a home.” Ronald Reagan.

Kelly Lynch — I think we should also look at the economic pressures that have been placed on families as one of the factors. .., Since the economic reforms and trickle down economics of the 1980s — families typically require two working parents, health insurance has soared and retirement benefits have been cut way back. … It is easy to say it is the family’s fault or the church’s fault, but we should look at the other economic factors that make it so much harder on families.

Richard Garris — I have been in many conversations with anti-gun people. During one such conversation I was told that we coming for your guns and your buddies’ guns. I think this is the ultimate goal of this movement.

Emma Voberry — Agree with so much in this op-ed. Thank you. However, not sure church always gets it right. In fact, not sure organized religion has a special lease on morality. … Religion is only so good as the people in it. And many people have a spiritual bent, without a religious one.

Lin Myers Jovanovic —“If broken families fail to provide such instructions …” This sentence is thrown out without any actual data. It is interesting that you see families where the parents no longer live together as broken. That is an out-of-date view based on the notion of a break up.

Wes Hawkins —Finally someone to point the blame at something other than an inanimate object. Maybe since the anti gun and anti-NRA people want to do away with both or at least limit both severely, we should look at the First Amendment also and puts some limits on what is considered “free speech.”

On “Supervisors OK Alta Sierra, Penn Valley Dollar General; deny Rough and Ready store”:

Carol Ann Wilshusen —Alta Sierra residents do not want this. How many dollar stores do we need in Grass Valley and to put it is a residential area. Disgraceful. … This is not prudent, thoughtful of the residents, increased traffic & lower property values.

Steevi Jade Saleen — I say no. It’s a small community and the little stores will lose business and this will bring more people. And I’m not sure Penn Valley residents would like more people. It’s a little farm town. I say no city folks.

Julie Carroll-Shea— In my (past, rare) experience, merchandise at Dollar General’s generally is cheap crap. But I understand that, sometimes, affordabiility is more important than quality/usefulness/long life, etc. That said, the DG stores are ugly and begging for eventual tear-down – probably after most of us are dead and gone. So maybe we shouldn’t care?

Sherill Parker — Problem is, we do care or this wouldn’t have gone as long as it has. Most times, affordability is accomplished by buying quality, considering usefulness and long life, etc. Dollar General certainly will not keep us from going down the hill, or up the hill into town to do our purchasing. That will not change.

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