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FCAT is a purveyor of left-wing propaganda

Along came the left-wing BOS who found a left-wing man who loved left-wing propaganda to run a cable station that has become an insult to all.

If the homosexual Unitarian Church of Filth wants air time, let them buy real TV for real money like other churches (which they can’t, thus our local cable access channel usage), but do not allow our TAX dollars to support a religion of homosexuality, or any religion. I hope an attorney will belly up to the political bar and launch lawsuits charging FCAT and Nevada County with violating the separation of church and state, disbanding the station until more responsible supervisors can be elected who will appoint a more responsible administrator to FCAT.

I’ve worked with four cable stations since 1984. Never have I seen such blatant bias, pro-communist, pro and active solicitation of demonic churchgoers than I’ve seen on FCAT. Not only does it disregard the church and state directive, but allows prohibitive material to air without the technological rating system whereby parents can filter this trash out. We have problems with this man in charge. He is a radical for radical causes. This board of supervisors put him there. Change them, and we can change him.

Cable access was intended for the community to produce and air local programming. FCAT violates this rule allowing national promotional tapes to air repeatedly when our local volunteer producers sit idle waiting for time slots which are filled with his – the man in charge of FCAT, ideals of life: mainly homosexuality and the hatred of America. Is this right? I say it isn’t and advocate his removal along with those who put him there. Either vote this board out or allow Nevada County to become the San Francisco Castro district’s … hideout-in-the hills. We’ll work on the radio station next … he has to go, too!

Michael J. Harris

Penn Valley

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